Friday, January 29, 2016

November 30, 2015

Dear Mom and family!
So first speed round...
W's about twenty one but yes, he looks super young!
I can’t wait to dunk it either hahahahahaha!! We are on week 3 of 15 hahaha so it’ll be fun!
Transfers are this week but we are both staying and getting another guy, ELDER W!!! He’s incredible!! Elder G goes home midway through this transfer so they have us tri-panning ‘till then!   Thanksgiving was awesome! (Not like the cabin but still great) When everyone asked me what I was grateful for I might have teared up/ started laughing when I was talking about you guys! haha  Lots of great food though! They smoked their turkey and it was sooo good! She also asked for any requests so I may have said pumpkin cheese cake and that may have been my favorite!! hahahaha I found out I’m still not the biggest stuffing fan! Lol 
Sounds like you guys had a great week! Man and you all look so good!! Seriously I have the best-looking fam out there! You’re all beautiful! Those family pictures look way good! And some made me laugh pretty hard in this library! hahaha
I’m so glad that the cabin was great and we are still having dance parties! I love you guys so much!! This week was amazing! We are still searching for investigators and it’s the funnest thing ever. One night it was like 10 degrees and super windy and I couldn’t feel really anything... but I was thinking... what would stop me from sharing this gospel? Nothing!! This gospel is the most amazing thing ever! And I will do whatever it takes to share it! It doesn’t matter how awkward or how cold it is! Jesus Christ would want me to share it! 
I hope you guys have a great week and know how much I care and love for each and everyone of you! Seriously the best family anyone could ask for! What is it now-- 3 more weeks till skyping?? Man I got to look my best!! hahahaha
Love Elder Oliver

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