Tuesday, September 29, 2015

August 31, 2015

Dear family! 
Real quick-- Brett was the tall one and Mom, you know I would never just not write you back! haha But the meetings were so good and  yes they were all day I have some pics that Sister Lewis took! 

So the Mission President is awesome! Seriously,  he is the coolest, most loving person ever! I really don’t know about the area--wherever the Lord needs me.  I’ll find out more on Tuesday so that’ll be good!  Sounds like everyone is doing great and just killin' it! I can’t believe Cassie is 21. That’s nuts!!

As for my week it was truly amazing with a few crazy experiences!  So something that was super crazy was this girl who had gotten out of jail a week ago and a mental facility a day ago was talking to some missionaries and they thought hmmm let’s give her a church tour! (not a good idea) Then they lose her in the church!  So we're there because they call us freaking out and we are all hunting down this crazy lady in the church. Well we find her and she's got everything spread out and is cleaning! hahaha  She told us,  if this is God's church then it has to be the cleanest. I couldn’t disagree-- she had a good point hahahaha but it was nuts!  On a better note,  we are teaching this part member family and they are so awesome-- just a straight miracle! We are hoping to put them on date so I will keep you posted! It’s the M  family, so could you keep them in your prayers?
This week was one of the best ones just because of how spiritual it was! I truly learned this week that the Lord can turn our weaknesses into strengths! I love my Savior so much and He has helped me to change in so many ways! I love this gospel so much and how it is a gospel of change! There truly is nothing better! I love you guys so much and thanks for the amazing examples you are to me! 
One of the cool things we did today was getting to be witnesses for the people we live with—their  will and stuff! I swear I’ve signed more legal documents on my mission then in my life! hahahaha 

I love you guys and hope you have a great week! 
Love Elder Oliver 

Monday, September 28, 2015

August 25, 2015

Dear Momy & familia,
First thing is-- I hate missionaries that say that-- I love the long letters!haha  Seriously, I’m so lucky to have them! Please keep sending them!  Oh and sorry for not writing yesterday-- we had a conference with Elder Packer, which was amazing and so spiritual! But it was all day yesterday so we couldn’t write and today is our p-day hahaha! 

But as for your week—It sounds super hot--that is never fun! It’s actually cooling off here so that’s been super nice! It’s good to hear about the girls dance and stuff. They are going to go pro! hahaha 

As for this week, it was an amazing one!  Just like the last 52 haha! That’s crazy to say that now! So with the weather, it’s been crazy. All of northern Washington is on fire and burning down, so the air is just covered in ash. It’s crazy and it’s making my allergies go nuts! hahaha   Everything is just super smoky and you can see ash falling. But I’m just glad its not Moses Lake! Everyone says this is the safest place! So B’s baptism was truly amazing! He was so prepared and just ready!haha  Before he got baptized, he broke up with his girlfriend because " I love God more than anything and anyone else" SO THAT JUST KINDA BLEW US AWAY!  hahaha (sorry for the caps but it was awesome!})  He is going to do awesome things in this life! 

This week I finished the Book of Mormon and it was a super cool experience! I love that book so much! It has completely changed my life! I know it is true with every ounce of my body! Seriously you can feel God's pure love through that book! You should all read it this school year because I can promise, it’ll change your life! 

I love you guys so much and sorry this letter was a little shorter. Hope you can forgive me and I promise next week will be better!  Today is just a little weird because of the Tuesday p-day! haha 

I love you guys and hope you have an amazing week! 
Love Elder Oliver

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

August 17, 2015

Dearest Mother and my beloved family! 
I love you guys so much and now we are just growin!!!! I’m in the computer lab just going nuts with the news! hahahaha I’m so stoked!  I told Chantz that because I’ll be gone I’m going to rack up time holding the baby so when I get back I’ll have like a solid 24 hours hahaha all to myself! haha 

Anyways that sounds like an awesome week! Everyone is just killin’ it!!  That’s so cool about that girl--just keep lovin’ her and she'll get there! You guys are all such examples to me! And its so true, there was a talk on Sunday about how one of Satan’s strongest tools is discouragement.  It’s so true and it’s a tough one to get over! I think the biggest thing we can do is set goals and work to achieving them! 

As for some news... ITS BRETT'S BAPTISM WEEK!!!! Seriously he is the most elect guy the Lord has ever blessed me with. It’s been like a total of 3 weeks and he is just so solid.  We fasted on Sunday all together and he told us how much he appreciates and loves us. The Lord blesses us way too much! So that Elder had to go home, which was super sad, and his companion came with us!! So Elder K and I have a kid together hahahahaha! Not going to lie—it’s been different and a little difficult just because Elder K and I are like the same person and have a ton of unity so its been different with a third hahaha but I’m learning so much, so I know its a blessing! His name is Elder Kr and he's from Las Vegas. Elder K is still the coolest guy ever and I love him so much! We have so much fun and now I just have to convince him to live in AZ! hahahah 

So as for this week! Just miracle after miracle -- it’s nuts! So Brett obviously is just a huge miracle! We were also super blessed to find this new girl named K. She’s a 7th day Adventist... (Nightmares from my first area college place) hahahaha just kidding! She's super awesome! We’re excited to see where she goes! We’ll just have to get over that whole Saturday thing hahahah but other than that it’s just been awesome! I’ve learned so much! I’ve truly learned this week how much Heavenly Father loves us.  He’s really knows us so well. He knows exactly what we can go through and what we need in order to progress! Thank you guys so much for always helping me progress! I wouldn’t be nearly where I am today with out you guys! You’re seriously the best family in the whole world!  Well I cant believe next week will be 52... its nuts! 
I love and miss you all a ton!

Love Elder Oliver

Monday, September 14, 2015

August 10. 2015

Dear Mom and familia
Sounds like you guys had a great week! It wouldn’t be the first day of school if you didn’t get in bed at 12:30. It just isn’t right haha but that’s exciting and sounds like you guys are just getting back into the groove of things, which is so cool!  I like schedules now!! haha! 
That’s so cool that everyone is getting home. Elder Nelson truly was an example to me! I love that guy and Lincoln looks way good! Did he get taller? hahaha 
 So this week was a little crazy and different.  So something first off is-- we have a missionary going home due to health problems and he is seriously the coolest missionary.   It’s just been so hard on him, so we have  been trying to help him a ton and he has just taught me so much! One thing he said this week is just how important it is to know that we are nothing. Christ is our everything. Often times I get stuck on stupid stuff I’ve done  but it really doesn’t matter what we think, Christ forgives us. That’s it! We have to find joy in that and except His grace. haha  I know its super preachy but it just hit me super hard! It’s like 2 Nephi 4,  “The Lord hath been my support. He has preserved me upon the waters of the great deep and has filled me with his life even unto the consuming of my flesh”.  I love my Savior so much and that scripture has helped me so much!! 
Another really cool experience we had was we were giving a blessing to this Elder.  The Spirit just filled us both so much! I know the power and authority of God is here on the earth! I love the priesthood so much and I’m so grateful that God has given me the opportunity to help others with it!  So another really cool experience is-- so that investigator that was super solid named B, then he fell off because he did some dumb stuff and felt really inadequate or however you spell it! hahaha  He wouldn’t text us back or anything but we just kept texting and the Spirit was working on him so much because all of a sudden this Sunday he just shows up and says how much he missed it! (he was gone for one week) hahaha  He even set up an appointment. God is blessing us so much here in Moses Lake its unreal! I love being a missionary so much! There truly is nothing better! I’m so glad  that the Lord  trusts me and loves me. I feel it every single day! Everything we do is perfect for the Lord! We just have to try to do better everyday! 
I love you guys so much! Hope you all have a great week and love school!! haha You all look great! 
Love Elder Oliver 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 3, 2015

Dear Mom and familia, 
So I can’t believe that school is already starting-- that is crazy to me.  Man, I’m just gettin old hahaha it’s nuts! This summer went by so fast. I think I only have like nine transfers left which just blows my mind! hahaha   I’m glad you guys are now part of Impact hahaha "my dance studio" hahahahaha just kidding! That’s awesome though! You’ll have to keep me posted on that! 

Anyways the camera card should be on its way! I’ll probably send it either this week or next!  It feels so weird being 19! hahaha Everyone still treats me like a baby though so I still feel super young! hahaha I’m like younger than most of the people in our YSA hahaha so its kinda bad,  but that’s how my life has always been! 

About the area—It’s been really crazy! These last few days have been super smoky because of all the fires.  The air has just been hot and ashy hahaha its kinda crazy!
So some funny things that happened this week!  On Friday, we were walking up to this door and Elder Krogue and I just laugh and do dumb stuff all the time! (maybe we should be more serious) So  we were walking up to this door and I was walking all fast and funny and I turn the corner saying "Come on Elder Krogue SALVATION is in order" and when I was about at salv I realized the lady had the door open and was waiting for us and just said,  “No thanks” and slammed the door. So it was really awkward but we just laughed it off! hahahahaha Also we had dinner planned with L and J(the recent converts) on Wednesday and they threw me like a surprise birthday! hahaha They had it all decorated and made some super good green enchiladas and gave me a gift, it was just so cool! Have I told you how much I love them?! They are pretty much the coolest people! L  got up again yesterday during testimonies and said that now he's running to the temple-- he has a  goal to get his family sealed... it was like the coolest thing ever!  Ahh I love them so much! Also this week all these Elders in the zone figured out that I could cut hair so I cut like 4 missionaries hair.  I guess you could call me the barber! hahahaha I’m thinkin’ of sending in my resume to Cassie's hair place! hahahaha jk Ok-- one last funny thing that was actually really spiritual. So we were sitting in church and of course we are fasting so of course I can tell my breath smells bad so I said a little prayer in my heart to maybe find like a mint or gum or something and as soon as I finished, the guy I was sitting next to pulls out his gum and gives it to us! It was crazy and something super little but I do know that God loves us and cares even about the little things! 

So a really cool spiritual experience this week was,  I’ve been struggling with a few little things.  So I fasted for a lot of stuff and one of them was just an answer or some help on how or what to do.  All day it was really tough but some of the testimonies really helped but I still just didn’t feel exactly right so we just kept going and we were over at L and J’s house and I just had kinda a prompting to ask what they learned in Relief Society?  J goes on and starts telling me  like a 30 minute answer to my prayer.  The Spirit hit me so strong and it seriously was the coolest thing ever! To have our recent convert at the end of the day, answer my fast and prayer. It was so cool! 

Everything is going really well-- B (the guy at church is struggling a little) but Heavenly Father is just blessing us with people left and right--just dropping them in our laps.  I love being a missionary so much! There truly is nothing better! This gospel is seriously the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love it! And I love the mission so much!! 
I hope you guys have a great week! Love and miss you a ton! 
Elder Oliver