Tuesday, September 22, 2015

August 17, 2015

Dearest Mother and my beloved family! 
I love you guys so much and now we are just growin!!!! I’m in the computer lab just going nuts with the news! hahahaha I’m so stoked!  I told Chantz that because I’ll be gone I’m going to rack up time holding the baby so when I get back I’ll have like a solid 24 hours hahaha all to myself! haha 

Anyways that sounds like an awesome week! Everyone is just killin’ it!!  That’s so cool about that girl--just keep lovin’ her and she'll get there! You guys are all such examples to me! And its so true, there was a talk on Sunday about how one of Satan’s strongest tools is discouragement.  It’s so true and it’s a tough one to get over! I think the biggest thing we can do is set goals and work to achieving them! 

As for some news... ITS BRETT'S BAPTISM WEEK!!!! Seriously he is the most elect guy the Lord has ever blessed me with. It’s been like a total of 3 weeks and he is just so solid.  We fasted on Sunday all together and he told us how much he appreciates and loves us. The Lord blesses us way too much! So that Elder had to go home, which was super sad, and his companion came with us!! So Elder K and I have a kid together hahahahaha! Not going to lie—it’s been different and a little difficult just because Elder K and I are like the same person and have a ton of unity so its been different with a third hahaha but I’m learning so much, so I know its a blessing! His name is Elder Kr and he's from Las Vegas. Elder K is still the coolest guy ever and I love him so much! We have so much fun and now I just have to convince him to live in AZ! hahahah 

So as for this week! Just miracle after miracle -- it’s nuts! So Brett obviously is just a huge miracle! We were also super blessed to find this new girl named K. She’s a 7th day Adventist... (Nightmares from my first area college place) hahahaha just kidding! She's super awesome! We’re excited to see where she goes! We’ll just have to get over that whole Saturday thing hahahah but other than that it’s just been awesome! I’ve learned so much! I’ve truly learned this week how much Heavenly Father loves us.  He’s really knows us so well. He knows exactly what we can go through and what we need in order to progress! Thank you guys so much for always helping me progress! I wouldn’t be nearly where I am today with out you guys! You’re seriously the best family in the whole world!  Well I cant believe next week will be 52... its nuts! 
I love and miss you all a ton!

Love Elder Oliver

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