Monday, September 28, 2015

August 25, 2015

Dear Momy & familia,
First thing is-- I hate missionaries that say that-- I love the long letters!haha  Seriously, I’m so lucky to have them! Please keep sending them!  Oh and sorry for not writing yesterday-- we had a conference with Elder Packer, which was amazing and so spiritual! But it was all day yesterday so we couldn’t write and today is our p-day hahaha! 

But as for your week—It sounds super hot--that is never fun! It’s actually cooling off here so that’s been super nice! It’s good to hear about the girls dance and stuff. They are going to go pro! hahaha 

As for this week, it was an amazing one!  Just like the last 52 haha! That’s crazy to say that now! So with the weather, it’s been crazy. All of northern Washington is on fire and burning down, so the air is just covered in ash. It’s crazy and it’s making my allergies go nuts! hahaha   Everything is just super smoky and you can see ash falling. But I’m just glad its not Moses Lake! Everyone says this is the safest place! So B’s baptism was truly amazing! He was so prepared and just ready!haha  Before he got baptized, he broke up with his girlfriend because " I love God more than anything and anyone else" SO THAT JUST KINDA BLEW US AWAY!  hahaha (sorry for the caps but it was awesome!})  He is going to do awesome things in this life! 

This week I finished the Book of Mormon and it was a super cool experience! I love that book so much! It has completely changed my life! I know it is true with every ounce of my body! Seriously you can feel God's pure love through that book! You should all read it this school year because I can promise, it’ll change your life! 

I love you guys so much and sorry this letter was a little shorter. Hope you can forgive me and I promise next week will be better!  Today is just a little weird because of the Tuesday p-day! haha 

I love you guys and hope you have an amazing week! 
Love Elder Oliver

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