Tuesday, November 18, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hola familia!!!
Ok so first about you guys! Mom that’s so awesome! One of the things I miss most is going to the Temple and feeling the amazing spirit that is there! I guess we get to go every other transfer so I’m super stoked!!   So first-- about my comp. He’s amazing haha!  He’s just like Chantz!! It’s kinda weird sometimes, but we get a long really well and we both have the same goals so it’s really nice! We have a lot of similarities, its kinda weird-- his name is Clayton haha and his  mom’s name is Lanae. Well that’s her middle name, but she goes by it. He went to Mountain View so we know a lot of the same people but really, it’s awesome! The area is awesome!! The  English ward is super nice and loves to feed us but I think we’ve had lasagna or however you spell it hahaha like 7 times already haha!!  It’s good because everyone is so nice! We also serve in a Spanish group.  It’s not big enough to be a branch so we have a ton of work to do! ;) haha!! I’m super excited! Spanish people are so much nicer by the way haha!!  We spend a lot of time knocking and talking which means a lot of doors in my face haha! but you know it's really just made me so much stronger! I have thought a lot and sometimes people don’t know or think they need this gospel... but they do!  Whether they except it or not,  it’s my job to let them have the opportunity to learn because this gospel really is what brings true happiness. We ran into this girl last night and she gave us  all these excuses of why she can’t go to church but what it really comes down to is-- this gospel can help everyone with everything! Whether it’s being nervous or having a dirty house or having  kids that are crazy-- it’s hard to know that this gospel will help her with every last one of her problems, and tell her that --but have her not except it.   I guess everyone has their agency. I don’t know, this gospel and teaching people about it has made me so happy in my life!! haha I love it!   I feel like I always say this,  but really when I lay down and think of why I’m so happy it’s because of this church. The area is still a little difficult because we are trying to meet people but we did meet this awesome part member family who are like these cowboys and they have this little daughter who is super cute just this little cowgirl. Well  they hadn’t been to church in awhile so we went to visit them and helped move some hay (you’d be surprised what you can do in church clothes hahaha!!) Then they came to church this Sunday!!  The daughter had baked us some cookies and drew some pictures for us--she’s the best! haha The people here have already been amazing!  On Saturday,  we had this day of service and went to a cemetery and probably planted like 15 trees haha!! It was actually super fun! It was just my comp and I  and the bishop, his wife and daughter! Oh yeah--these ladies helped us out and they were awesome and super funny! It’s just a little town so we always run into some awesome people!  The best news of this week is-- we have an investigator on date for baptism!!!!  It was so awesome!  The last missionaries dropped him but on Wednesday, we  thought we would  go over and just talk.  We had this awesome super spiritual lesson and at the end, asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said YES!!!  It was the best! His name is Bob.  It was by far the best feeling ever. Now I just hope he keeps going strong and progressing!  This week has been awesome and I love you guys so much!  Oh also,  I didn’t know, this but I guess in our mission we can only where plain shirts--which kinda stinks but it’s fine, I just flip them all inside out hahaha!!  I love you guys and miss you so much! These are like the best months to be an Oliver haha!! You guys have Halloween, Disneyland, Thanksgiving and then Christmas haha!! The best! 
Love Elder Oliver

Friday, November 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

(Clay with Elder Nelson who is from our ward!!)
Heyyyyy familia!!
Sooo it’s amazing here!! Well ok, first things first--It sounds like you guys had an awesome week! I miss that gorilla haha!! Ok, so I’m sorry I kinda had to go really quick at the airport--they like called my name over the whole intercom!! haha It was funny and I’m really blessed they didn’t leave without me! haha  So we got here and President is amazing! Just the nicest guy in the whole world! I got to spend my first night with Nathan and it was amazing! They had a huge feast for us when we got there that was sooooo good! I hadn’t had any real food in 6 weeks haha!!  So then the next day we got separated into our areas and I’m in the Walla Walla college place area!! It’s awesome! But it’s kinda weird because I’ve been zebra’d! haha I’m in a half Spanish half English zone so it kinda gets weird with boundaries and stuff.   My comp is awesome!! We both want the same thing and he’s super chill and really easy to get along with! We have a lot in common and I guess he’s been through like everything I have, just 7 months earlier haha! He’s awesome and his name is Clayton haha!  It was so funny when we found out but we are both new to the area so this first week was a little difficult because we are trying to find people and basically starting from scratch.   It’s so fun and kinda cool that we get to do it!  This week was General Conference so we still didn’t really get to meet everyone! hahaha   A quick story about this week--so our first day here we meet with the ward mission leader of our English ward who is an awesome guy and I think he really likes us. He asked us to go with him and give this super old lady who was investigating the church a blessing. It was so cool and the Spirit was honestly so strong in that room!  So then her son, who has been watching her was there and we were just like if there’s ever a time you want to talk, we are always here and he was totally down for it! haha I was sooo excited because he really needed this in his life! So we go over two days later and I was so excited and we caught him outside!!! It was actually really sad because I guess his mom died that morning.  So he lets us in and said he wants to show us a video.  There was something super weird about the house and I kinda just felt sick to my stomach.  So he showed us the cover and it was an anti-mormon movie which was so sad. He kinda bashed on us for a little and then we helped him move some stuff and left.  It kinda taught me two things. The first is, Satan is really working hard on everyone!! He knows how important this gospel can be for people and doesn’t want them to have it. So he beat us to it on this one. Which was way sad! But I also learned about the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Its kinda crazy but sometimes we take stuff for granted until we don’t have it anymore. It was weird but the feeling I had in that house and knowing the Spirit wasn’t there, was a huge testimony builder because I know that I have it! I know the comfort it brings and the amazing blessing it is that we can have it everyday, every hour of our lives. Idk,  just one little story!  Also-- so we are in a college town and the college is a Seventh Day Adventist college which means almost every white person who isn’t Mormon here is that! Haha  It’s crazy! Some of them are super nice annnddd some not so much!! hahaha but I love it so much here and I know the Lord has a purpose for me here!  But yes, I think I got everything and thanks sooo much!  I love you guys and miss you guys so much! 
Love Elder Oliver 

Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2, 2014

Dear Mom y Familia, 
Ok soooo just some things I might need-- First off,  thanks for always thinking about me and my needs haha!! I did take some money out of my account because we got to go to the Temple again today!!! We are so lucky we like have the best timing ever haha!!  Also,  I did spend some money and get stuff for everyone for their birthdays that I think I’m going to send home together and then you can give it to them for their birthday haha!  It is just a lot cheaper here and there was some way cool stuff haha!  But I feel really bad talking about money and stuff.  But ok-- last thing sooo I won’t know when I can really call until Monday which I think I get to send a quick email about so hopefully you get it and it all works out!!   Ok-- sounds like you guys had quite the week haha not gonna lie I’m kinda sad you sold the car but it’s ok I guess.  I guess our memories just aren’t important... haha! Jkjk!! That’s way cool you should send a picture when you get it back! Oh and  thanks-- I'll try to keep writing and baring my testimony because I love it!!! You just don’t get better than this church!   Elder Jeppesen and me are like best friends!! He’s the best but no, he’s not going to Kennewick and he leaves the day after me which is the biggest bummer!!  We try not to talk about it!   I know this week is General Conference and I couldn’t be more excited!!  I think it’ll be the first one I actually stay awake the whole time haha!!  Seriously though,  I’m so excited!!  It is sometimes surprising the feelings and promptings I get when I listen to the apostles or someone speak.  Sometimes they are super random but I know they are from God and I love them so much.  This week has kinda been crazy.  Being zone leader is so fun and I love serving the Lord.   I do miss you guys sooo much!  I cannot wait to talk to you guys!!!! It’s been a long but short and best 6 weeks of my life if that makes sense haha!!  It just amazes me when I think of where I was, at say like 10 months ago.  I just want you guys all to know that this is the true church. Christ is our Savior and knows each and every one of us perfectly. I love this church and I know it is the only thing that can bring us true happiness. I love you guys so much. 
Love Elder Oliver
ps 5 more days until I get to talk to you!!!
pps pictures are on their way!! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

September 25, 2014

(I don't know how I got so far behind--story of my life....)
Mom, and familia, 
Ok so to answer your questions... things are going really good! I don’t know if dad told you but I got made zone leader last week so it was kind of a little harder at the beginning but I can see now how much of a blessing it has been! I literally love just serving because I know Heavenly Father is helping me every single step of the way! Its crazy how close you become to your Heavenly Father and how much you learn to rely on Him and the Savior! But that’s super funny about the letter! I might send one today but its just a little sketchy because if it doesn’t work I won’t be here to get the return address. But—I’ll still try, because I love writing you guys so much! Ummm the Spanish is weird haha! Like it’s different every hour haha!  I think I have it, then I don’t, then I think I have it, then I don’t haha!! I think it’s the Lords way of keeping me humble. Haha!  My comp is getting better. 
But it’s been such an awesome experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  My teachers told me I’m doing really well  sooooo I felt a lot better haha!  I know it’s crazy how in a week basically I’ll be leaving to go back to the states haha!! I feel like now that I look back, time has really flown by and it’s so crazy to see how in just two weeks my testimony can become so strong. Spanish doesn’t really sound foreign anymore haha!  And I can’t believe  how close I’ve become with some people here!   I’ve been eating a little more so I don’t think I’m  still losing weight haha! So don’t worry!!  I didn't end up using my sheets so I won't need new ones when I get to Kennewick.   That’s crazy about Cassie!!! It’s like all my worst nightmares haha!! But yeah,  I think back to that night and how blessed I am to be alive all the time! (the night he was in an accident right before he left ) No Disneyland!! --I hope that changes!!   I hope you guys all know just how much I love you and how you really are the best family ever. Like honestly I think about you guys all the time! In a good way not like a depressed way!! haha   So some cool things that happened this week. I got both my investigators to commit to baptism!!!! So stoked!! I kinda had a talk with my comp and we changed a lot of things so our lessons this week went really well! Also I still haven’t gotten sick --knock on wood-- but like every one here has gotten sick at least once. Its crazy  but I love this gospel!  There is nothing that can make anyone happier than realizing that no matter what, Heavenly Father loves you, and that Christ knows exactly what you are going through whether it is joy or sadness He knows! I love you guys so much! 
Elder Oliver
ps I got a hair cut. 
pps pics are coming