Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2, 2014

Dear Mom y Familia, 
Ok soooo just some things I might need-- First off,  thanks for always thinking about me and my needs haha!! I did take some money out of my account because we got to go to the Temple again today!!! We are so lucky we like have the best timing ever haha!!  Also,  I did spend some money and get stuff for everyone for their birthdays that I think I’m going to send home together and then you can give it to them for their birthday haha!  It is just a lot cheaper here and there was some way cool stuff haha!  But I feel really bad talking about money and stuff.  But ok-- last thing sooo I won’t know when I can really call until Monday which I think I get to send a quick email about so hopefully you get it and it all works out!!   Ok-- sounds like you guys had quite the week haha not gonna lie I’m kinda sad you sold the car but it’s ok I guess.  I guess our memories just aren’t important... haha! Jkjk!! That’s way cool you should send a picture when you get it back! Oh and  thanks-- I'll try to keep writing and baring my testimony because I love it!!! You just don’t get better than this church!   Elder Jeppesen and me are like best friends!! He’s the best but no, he’s not going to Kennewick and he leaves the day after me which is the biggest bummer!!  We try not to talk about it!   I know this week is General Conference and I couldn’t be more excited!!  I think it’ll be the first one I actually stay awake the whole time haha!!  Seriously though,  I’m so excited!!  It is sometimes surprising the feelings and promptings I get when I listen to the apostles or someone speak.  Sometimes they are super random but I know they are from God and I love them so much.  This week has kinda been crazy.  Being zone leader is so fun and I love serving the Lord.   I do miss you guys sooo much!  I cannot wait to talk to you guys!!!! It’s been a long but short and best 6 weeks of my life if that makes sense haha!!  It just amazes me when I think of where I was, at say like 10 months ago.  I just want you guys all to know that this is the true church. Christ is our Savior and knows each and every one of us perfectly. I love this church and I know it is the only thing that can bring us true happiness. I love you guys so much. 
Love Elder Oliver
ps 5 more days until I get to talk to you!!!
pps pictures are on their way!! 

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