Monday, October 27, 2014

September 25, 2014

(I don't know how I got so far behind--story of my life....)
Mom, and familia, 
Ok so to answer your questions... things are going really good! I don’t know if dad told you but I got made zone leader last week so it was kind of a little harder at the beginning but I can see now how much of a blessing it has been! I literally love just serving because I know Heavenly Father is helping me every single step of the way! Its crazy how close you become to your Heavenly Father and how much you learn to rely on Him and the Savior! But that’s super funny about the letter! I might send one today but its just a little sketchy because if it doesn’t work I won’t be here to get the return address. But—I’ll still try, because I love writing you guys so much! Ummm the Spanish is weird haha! Like it’s different every hour haha!  I think I have it, then I don’t, then I think I have it, then I don’t haha!! I think it’s the Lords way of keeping me humble. Haha!  My comp is getting better. 
But it’s been such an awesome experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  My teachers told me I’m doing really well  sooooo I felt a lot better haha!  I know it’s crazy how in a week basically I’ll be leaving to go back to the states haha!! I feel like now that I look back, time has really flown by and it’s so crazy to see how in just two weeks my testimony can become so strong. Spanish doesn’t really sound foreign anymore haha!  And I can’t believe  how close I’ve become with some people here!   I’ve been eating a little more so I don’t think I’m  still losing weight haha! So don’t worry!!  I didn't end up using my sheets so I won't need new ones when I get to Kennewick.   That’s crazy about Cassie!!! It’s like all my worst nightmares haha!! But yeah,  I think back to that night and how blessed I am to be alive all the time! (the night he was in an accident right before he left ) No Disneyland!! --I hope that changes!!   I hope you guys all know just how much I love you and how you really are the best family ever. Like honestly I think about you guys all the time! In a good way not like a depressed way!! haha   So some cool things that happened this week. I got both my investigators to commit to baptism!!!! So stoked!! I kinda had a talk with my comp and we changed a lot of things so our lessons this week went really well! Also I still haven’t gotten sick --knock on wood-- but like every one here has gotten sick at least once. Its crazy  but I love this gospel!  There is nothing that can make anyone happier than realizing that no matter what, Heavenly Father loves you, and that Christ knows exactly what you are going through whether it is joy or sadness He knows! I love you guys so much! 
Elder Oliver
ps I got a hair cut. 
pps pics are coming

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