Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 18, 2014

Clay with his district at the Mexico City Temple

Things here are so good. Everyday is like a rollercoaster and I am growing in my testimony so much!   Oh by the way—driving here is NUTS!!  Just crazy!!  No lanes, cars coming everywhere, like 10x worse than New York!!  But anyways, I get to my house which is in the very back corner of this compound. Hahaha!  That’s just the best way to describe it!  It’s 90 acres total and there’s this huge wall all the way around with guards all the way around! Haha!  They have like huge guns too!   Soooo the food.... not the best haha!!but it’s alright.  I  at least try everything haha!!  So in the morning we wake up and get ready (yes I’m the only one with hair spray lolololol) Then we have personal study which is always the best because I get to read the Book of Mormon  for like 45 minutes  and it helps my day so much! Then we go to breakfast--which I get cereal haha!! Afterwards we have language classes and like a religion class. They’re always really good just sometimes I let Satan into my head a little too much and I start to worry a lot about the language and if I will ever be able to speak it but then without a doubt I will feel this overwhelming peace that everything is going to be ok if I keep working hard. Then we go to gym where every one looooooves volleyball haha!! It’s all right I just wish we could play some cage soccer or something because all the guys in my zone that I’m buddies with are always like-- you should come play. But-- my comp never wants to-- so we play volleyball hahaha!  I make everyone go to the weight room at least once a week haha! Ok so then there’s lunch followed by more language and religion classes. During the religion classes we have this thing called progressing investigator.  It’s like the best and worst part of the day.  I wrote you guys a letter a lot about that.  Idk if you guys got it though. I do not like Mexican postal service hahaha!  Then we have dinner.  After dinner we normally just study till like 9:30 hahaha its crazy but so good at the same time! My district is so good!  We do 25 min of studying and then 5 min of like talking and such. That goes on for like 3 hours every night!  Some crazy things that happened this week-- umm one guy in my district got  super sick.  We gave him a blessing and he didn’t get any better. The doctor said he was going to have to go to the hospital if he didn’t get any better.  Then  we did a district fast and it was crazy.  So we started before we went to bed and literally that next morning he was better!! Crazy stuff like that happens and it’s so cool and so spiritual every single time!! Then a Hermana got really sick and asked my best friend (Elder Jeppeson the tall blonde one) and I to give her a blessing. He’s such a good guy!  We gave her one last night but that story is to be continued! hahah Also ok-- so on p-day we do nothing.  My comp just wants to chill and write his girlfriend!!  The kid that came over for the thing with Pres. Greer he is sooo cool!  He can play the piano really well.   So today I went and just listened to him play and it was so good! It did remind me of you though and I miss hearing you play!   Buuuut it sounds like you had a crazy week!! haha I wish I could’ve gone with you to Utah and DJ’ed hahaha and seen Chels.  But no-- Cassie doesn’t forward me her letters.  I’ll tell her too! We kinda just write each other haha!   Yes-- I will agree it feels like I’ve been away forever hahaha and its only been like three or four weeks?   IDK  it’s weird here-- I lose track of days hahaha!!  But honestly Mom, it’s amazing here! I love you guys sooo much! 
Love, Elder Claybird Oliver
ps-- we had like this huge celebration on Monday for Mexico Independence Day. I took some videos and stuff on my card

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