Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 11, 2014

Clay with Elder Mask & Elder Clouse--they all left on the same day from Arizona!
Oh la familia,

Ok sooo district leader isn’t really too hard, I just kinda watch over and lead like 12 missionaries. We have 4 Hermanas’ (which two of them I’ve already given blessings haha) and then 8 elders who are all soooo cool! We all get along really well and we’ve all become really close! I’m probably the closest with the guy named Elder Jeppeson who is so cool and funny haha!! But he’s not going to Kennewick so its really sad!   Anyways, not that this is a bad thing-- but it already feels like I’ve been out a month haha! Like it feels like it was at least two weeks since I wrote you guys.   So speed round--being a district leader is actually way fun and I love all the guys in my zone! They’re all so cool and I don’t know if you remember McKay from like elementary school but he’s up here haha! My comp is ok I’m finding little things to love about him haha! Oh and ps you guys were all right my roommates all chew sooooo loud haha! but its ok because the other two are so cool! Sorry I’m like all over the place. But we also got two more fake investigators which are way cool to practice with.   Ok I heard about the rain haha! That’s nuts!!! Of course when I’m not there haha!  This week has been all up and down... every time I’m down I can feel the Lord lift me up. Its crazy how strong my testimony has gotten.  I love the church so much guys! There is literally nothing that will bring you more peace and happiness in your life than this church. But I love you guys so much and mom don’t worry I love the long letters!! 

Love, Elder Oliver

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