Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 3, 2015

Dear Mom and familia, 
So I can’t believe that school is already starting-- that is crazy to me.  Man, I’m just gettin old hahaha it’s nuts! This summer went by so fast. I think I only have like nine transfers left which just blows my mind! hahaha   I’m glad you guys are now part of Impact hahaha "my dance studio" hahahahaha just kidding! That’s awesome though! You’ll have to keep me posted on that! 

Anyways the camera card should be on its way! I’ll probably send it either this week or next!  It feels so weird being 19! hahaha Everyone still treats me like a baby though so I still feel super young! hahaha I’m like younger than most of the people in our YSA hahaha so its kinda bad,  but that’s how my life has always been! 

About the area—It’s been really crazy! These last few days have been super smoky because of all the fires.  The air has just been hot and ashy hahaha its kinda crazy!
So some funny things that happened this week!  On Friday, we were walking up to this door and Elder Krogue and I just laugh and do dumb stuff all the time! (maybe we should be more serious) So  we were walking up to this door and I was walking all fast and funny and I turn the corner saying "Come on Elder Krogue SALVATION is in order" and when I was about at salv I realized the lady had the door open and was waiting for us and just said,  “No thanks” and slammed the door. So it was really awkward but we just laughed it off! hahahahaha Also we had dinner planned with L and J(the recent converts) on Wednesday and they threw me like a surprise birthday! hahaha They had it all decorated and made some super good green enchiladas and gave me a gift, it was just so cool! Have I told you how much I love them?! They are pretty much the coolest people! L  got up again yesterday during testimonies and said that now he's running to the temple-- he has a  goal to get his family sealed... it was like the coolest thing ever!  Ahh I love them so much! Also this week all these Elders in the zone figured out that I could cut hair so I cut like 4 missionaries hair.  I guess you could call me the barber! hahahaha I’m thinkin’ of sending in my resume to Cassie's hair place! hahahaha jk Ok-- one last funny thing that was actually really spiritual. So we were sitting in church and of course we are fasting so of course I can tell my breath smells bad so I said a little prayer in my heart to maybe find like a mint or gum or something and as soon as I finished, the guy I was sitting next to pulls out his gum and gives it to us! It was crazy and something super little but I do know that God loves us and cares even about the little things! 

So a really cool spiritual experience this week was,  I’ve been struggling with a few little things.  So I fasted for a lot of stuff and one of them was just an answer or some help on how or what to do.  All day it was really tough but some of the testimonies really helped but I still just didn’t feel exactly right so we just kept going and we were over at L and J’s house and I just had kinda a prompting to ask what they learned in Relief Society?  J goes on and starts telling me  like a 30 minute answer to my prayer.  The Spirit hit me so strong and it seriously was the coolest thing ever! To have our recent convert at the end of the day, answer my fast and prayer. It was so cool! 

Everything is going really well-- B (the guy at church is struggling a little) but Heavenly Father is just blessing us with people left and right--just dropping them in our laps.  I love being a missionary so much! There truly is nothing better! This gospel is seriously the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love it! And I love the mission so much!! 
I hope you guys have a great week! Love and miss you a ton! 
Elder Oliver  

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