Tuesday, August 18, 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear Madre y mi familia, 
So to answer some of those first questions--we were eating dinner at the Sharples (who we skyped with) My companion is really awesome! Transfer calls are this Saturday... so we are all on our toes. I really don’t think we'll be together another one. It’s super sad to think about but I just don’t think President will keep us together. He doesn’t really keep people together for that long. But we haven’t really heard anything haha its kinda weird, it’s just going to happen I guess! haha Nothing has been said-- just the new president is President Lewis and it’s happening on July 1st  and where you are is what mission you will be in—it’s kinda crazy! So we'll basically find out what mission we are in this Saturday! haha 

Lately I've realized that goals are something that  really  help us to improve.  Without a vision, most of the times with ourselves-- how do we know where we are going? That’s awesome mom! Also if I could recommend a book that I have recently been reading and its changed my life--called “Believing Christ”. It’s so good! Mom I love you so much and I hope you know how much I love you and the whole family! 

As for this week, It was a super awesome and rewarding week! So first off,  I figured out this week that I love Mexican candy-- like the Chile stuff!! haha I use to hate it but then I just kept trying more and more and now I love it!! hahaha I’m just like a chubby little Mexican boy—choncito! haha Oh also-- don’t worry I’m still being super clumsy! haha This last p-day we were playing chair soccer and I was trying to get this Elder out and sooo I kicked it pretty hard and it didn’t go where I wanted it to go and found its way to this Sister’s face... lets just say I felt like the biggest tool ever!! hahaha  Also we had an activity with the ward this Saturday and we were all playing soccer and it was basically Elder Cataldo and I against all the adults (Mexicans) and we totally beat them!! hahaha It was super funny because they started trying super hard and we were still beating them in our pros (church clothes) hahaha!  It is getting super hot here-- like Arizona. It’s only been 100 and  yesterday our car said it was 107, which really isn’t too bad until you are walking in it!! haha But it’s awesome because it’s just such an adventure! haha  This week was a super cool week with the S’s. So first thing,  Brother S literally said,  "I don’t know his name but I know he’s a prophet of God" haha it was so awesome! He also said that when he was watching a talk by the prophet, he saw Christ instead of President Monson and said he has no doubts now that this is Christ’s church. It was sooo cool! Also this Sunday they both went up, S  first, and bore AWESOME testimonies!!!  It was so cool! But other than that,  the Lord has just blessed us in so many little ways! It’s so good just to look back sometimes during the week and think of all the little miracles we've seen! I want to invite you guys just to take some time this week and think of all the little miracles you see everyday and I promise that you’ll be a happier more positive person! 

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week!! Best family ever! I miss you all a ton! 
Love Elder Oliver  

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