Monday, August 17, 2015

June 1, 2015

Dear Mom and Fam!!
Soo don’t worry too much-- he talked to the whole zone about it just to remind us.  I just wanted to let you know about the names because I had no idea!! hahaha  Thanks I know I’m glowing-- its rough haha!! but they’re really so awesome! And as for the Temple,  it was such an awesome experience as always.  I could just go through session after session haha!  Our zone was super lame and we only took one pic and it turned out so bad haha because we are like 3 hours away from our area so all the rides had to get back... plus it was super hot!! haha 

As for this week it was tons of fun!! Soo in our area, we have Mexican apartments and it’s just like a big neighborhood otherwise known as “little Mexico.”  It is  so fun because they are always out playing loud music and all the kids just love us and sworm us haha It's soo funny! We were in this one apt and these kids were walking by us-- well we went up to the door and one kid ran and knocked for us!! Another door,  they just walked in and got the parents! hahaha It’s so awesome, they’re like our secret weapons! haha  But we try not to be creeps though-- its a fine line hahahahha jkjk Also the S’s are doing super good and he just got called to be a ward missionary which is soo cool and we are all so excited! We are finding some new people right now and it’s super exciting because they all actually really have potential!  Sometimes it’s like Elder C and I are the same person, we always just say what the other is thinking-- so talking to people is super fun! 

This week I’ve really come to know my Savior a ton better just through normal prayers. Talking with our Heavenly Father just normally, is the best way to receive guidance. I know He is just sitting right next to me  listening.  So the mission this Sunday is all fasting for missionary work and President has asked that we invite our families to join in,  and on fast Sunday-- to bear a short powerful testimony of the four truths and missionary work! So that’s my invitation for this week! 

I love you all so much and miss you everyday and hope you have an awesome week!
Love Elder Oliver

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