Monday, September 14, 2015

August 10. 2015

Dear Mom and familia
Sounds like you guys had a great week! It wouldn’t be the first day of school if you didn’t get in bed at 12:30. It just isn’t right haha but that’s exciting and sounds like you guys are just getting back into the groove of things, which is so cool!  I like schedules now!! haha! 
That’s so cool that everyone is getting home. Elder Nelson truly was an example to me! I love that guy and Lincoln looks way good! Did he get taller? hahaha 
 So this week was a little crazy and different.  So something first off is-- we have a missionary going home due to health problems and he is seriously the coolest missionary.   It’s just been so hard on him, so we have  been trying to help him a ton and he has just taught me so much! One thing he said this week is just how important it is to know that we are nothing. Christ is our everything. Often times I get stuck on stupid stuff I’ve done  but it really doesn’t matter what we think, Christ forgives us. That’s it! We have to find joy in that and except His grace. haha  I know its super preachy but it just hit me super hard! It’s like 2 Nephi 4,  “The Lord hath been my support. He has preserved me upon the waters of the great deep and has filled me with his life even unto the consuming of my flesh”.  I love my Savior so much and that scripture has helped me so much!! 
Another really cool experience we had was we were giving a blessing to this Elder.  The Spirit just filled us both so much! I know the power and authority of God is here on the earth! I love the priesthood so much and I’m so grateful that God has given me the opportunity to help others with it!  So another really cool experience is-- so that investigator that was super solid named B, then he fell off because he did some dumb stuff and felt really inadequate or however you spell it! hahaha  He wouldn’t text us back or anything but we just kept texting and the Spirit was working on him so much because all of a sudden this Sunday he just shows up and says how much he missed it! (he was gone for one week) hahaha  He even set up an appointment. God is blessing us so much here in Moses Lake its unreal! I love being a missionary so much! There truly is nothing better! I’m so glad  that the Lord  trusts me and loves me. I feel it every single day! Everything we do is perfect for the Lord! We just have to try to do better everyday! 
I love you guys so much! Hope you all have a great week and love school!! haha You all look great! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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