Tuesday, January 12, 2016

November 9, 2015

Dear Mom and family, 
So as for my favorite part of the mission, I could be here all day because I love every part! hahaha  A few things that have been my favorite are 1) Being able to use the enabling power of the atonement to change. I have changed so much and I have seen so many people change through the power of the atonement. The atonement doesn't help us to adapt, it helps us to change our nature, everything about us! Our deepest desires, our hearts, our thoughts, and  our personality! I love my Savior and how through Him I can see people how He see's them. 2) I have really loved learning about the gospel and watching the light come into people as they begin to understand the doctrine and apply it in their life. That’s where the true knowledge of the gospel comes in, it’s in the application! I have so many other things and not enough time!! hahahaha  Ask me when we are skyping and I will give you the whole answer hahaha sorry!! I wish i could type faster!! hahaha 

So as for your week!   You guys are incredible! I started playing Christmas music of course the day after Halloween and the roommates weren't too stoked about it! hahaha But hey, I just like remembering the birth of my Savior sooner. Truth is-- Elder Krogue and I might of had Christmas days when we were together! hahahaha   Your week sounds awesome! Mom I wish I was there for that lesson-- that sounds incredible!  It’s great to hear everyone is killing it though! Carlee winning regional, that’s what I’m talking about!! hahaha 

My week was NUTS!! hahaha Just thing after thing happened and now I’m here emailing you guys hahaha!  So on Wednesday in the afternoon, our car broke down so we had to drive it to Wenatchee to the dealership and blitz the zone leaders area there. We then slept on the floor because we had mlc on Thursday (a meeting with all zone leaders and sister leaders) so we drove down to Yakima hoping that the car would be done.  Well, turns out the car wasn’t finished so we had to spend another night on the floor and then finally got to drive home! We then had a meeting in Coulee Dam which is an hour away.  Then we drove back because we had to  interview some baptismal candidates for another ward.  The next day we had another meeting way off in Coulee with the whole zone this time and it took awhile.  We came back and there was a crash on our way to dinner so we had to stay there for awhile and witness/translate for the cop! hahaha  Then it was Sunday... it was crazy!! hahaha  The best part is--not going to lie,  I was a little frustrated because I really wanted to proselyte and things but I was praying and it was weird-- I just really felt like it was all ok. It was all out of my control and God knows what He is doing! I realized that everyday on the mission God has a special plan for and if we listen to the spirit we will have an incredible day! 

I love the mission so much guys and everyday out here is the best day ever! I love serving my Savior and wearing his name on my chest! This gospel is true and everything about it is pure and simple and peaceful! I love you guys so much and miss you a ton! 
Love Elder Oliver

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