Wednesday, January 20, 2016

November 16, 2015

Dear Mom and family! 
I’m glad it was just a normal crazy week for you guys!! hahaha I swear our family is one of the busiest hahaha but it's incredible!  I’m glad you sent that pic! I love Christmas!! hahaha 

So this week was incredible! And yes I know exactly how those Elders feel! Sadly we had that same thing happen to us yesterday but it’s ok because that just means this next week will be that much better!   It’s funny you asked about the food this week-- hahaha I’ll get to it! 

So this week was a spiritual powerhouse!! We had interviews with our President and they were so incredible! I love President and Sister L! They are seriously the best most loving people ever! They are just incredible and help me out so much! President really helps me to notice the enabling power of the atonement in my life! So I love him so much for that! Then after that we went to the Temple! Such an amazing experience, I looooove the temple! I received so many answers to my prayers, and I know what the next step is for me in my spiritual progression! The Temple really is the house of God and it's where we are the closest to Him! Everyone needs to get to the temple!  Probably the best news is—I don’t know if you remember Kathy P? (The first lady I taught)  Well she is going through the Temple on the 23rd of December and I can probably go with her!! I’m so excited for her!!

Ok so now for the food! So after the Temple,  the member who took us-- took us to a Sushi place and ordered a bunch of stuff.  Straight raw fish... hahaha!  Ahh man it was weird!!! I had eel and squid and every type of fish-- it was crazy!! Some of it was good but some of it was straight nasty!  But hey-- I ate them with a smile and said thanks! I was so proud of myself! hahaha

Anyways i love you guys and miss you a ton!  I hope you have an amazing week and please keep me posted! You’re all incredible! This church and gospel are incredible! 
Love Elder Oliver 

ps Yes-- I’m speaking a ton of Spanish! Heavenly Father is helping me a ton! 

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