Thursday, January 21, 2016

November 23, 2015

Dear Mom and familia!
 Man I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well Mom... that cannot be fun! You will definitely be in my prayers! I hope you get better soon because it is no fun being sick! As well as Chels, I hope she gets better too!   Thanks exciting about Cassie and the girls dance! Carlee is just beautiful no matter what she does and I’m so stoked for Cami! I hope it’s good for her to have a few friends too!  Just wait ‘till High School and see what happens ;) haha

But Mom I know exactly what you mean, I have been feeling the same way! My favorite scriptures about that are Alma 7:11-12 they're pretty incredible!  I hope you guys all have an amazing Thanksgiving and know how much I love and am grateful for each one of you! I seriously have the best family in the world! hahaha and a little secret (I actually like mashed potatoes now!!)hahahahaha

So this week was amazing! Seriously just a roller coaster! hahaha  So first random things--It’s getting so cold here! Just icing over and super foggy now hahaha  and it  also gets dark at 4:30!! hahaha  I forgot to tell you but we drive a pickup so that makes it a lot better. There has been some crazy fast wind too, so it’s totally different. So we have been going on exchanges with every companion  in the zone and its been nuts! hahaha  Our zone is huuuuuuge-- its like 3 hours across... from Ephrata to Yakima is closer than Ephrata to the top of our zone... it's nuts. Elder T (our roommate) has this jump program that we are doing that the pros use and his college football team used and apparently it guarantees 6 inches on your vertical!!  So I’ll send a video of me dunking it! hahahahahahahaha  They call me the flying tomatoe!! hahaha  Also somehow throughout the zone people have been asking for hair cuts so last p-day I cut two Elders and this p-day I’m cutting two more.  They call me the barber too hahaha!! I’ll send a pic.

Ok so now on a way more spiritual note, we saw so many miracles this week! So on Tuesday we get a text from the Moses Lake zone leaders  saying that one of my old investigators W is getting baptized and he wants me to baptize him!!!! So that was pretty incredible!  We went down on Saturday and it was so amazing! It was also awesome to see some of the Moses Lake fam again hahaha  I love that place! So I also learned a lot of cool things about the scriptures this week too that have applied in my life! I love the scriptures. So the first one is that I learned about some Jewish tradition. So when a king eats all the servants have to wait until he is done.  When he shows that he is done he wipes his face,  crumbles the napkin and sets it on the plate.   If  he is going to come back he folds it and sets it on the plate. When Mary was at the tomb of Jesus Christ,  His robes were folded symbolizing that the king would return. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He loves each one of us so much! I feel His love for me and the people we meet every day and I can’t tell you how good that feels. I am out here as a missionary sacrificing for Him because I love Him. Not for anything else but just  my love and appreciation for my Savior. We will never be profitable servants, but that's ok-- He's not looking for us to be profitable because He has already given us everything.   He does expect us to love Him and to do things out of that love. Another super cool thing that I realized this week is how incredible our family motto is, "We work until the work is done". That applies to our life so well-- not just the dishes! We do the Lord's work until the work is done. You guys were so inspired and it took me till now to realize it! We work in this life until this life’s work is done and then we are on to the next! I love this gospel so much! It is everything and everyone needs it!

This week was a little more difficult. The family that we were teaching said that they are having some problems and they can’t meet with us.  So we went by (of course) and we could just see the struggle in their eyes.  That’s what was hard... they are so cool and this gospel will bless them so much, it’s just in the Lord's time! But He has continued to bless us abundantly!! The work here is amazing and we continue to find incredible people that are just put in our path. I love everyday of it!
You guys are incredible! I miss you a ton but I love it out here so much! This mission has had such a huge impact on my life alone, I’m so grateful to just be out serving everyday!
I love you guys so much and hope you have an amazing day and an amazing Thanksgiving!
Love Elder Oliver

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