Thursday, February 4, 2016

December 14, 2015

Dear Mom and familia! 
So first to answer some quick questions! So don’t hate me but President Lewis is doing things a little different for skype and we only get 45 minutes.  I know it's super short but that’s what the white hand book says.  We will be going over to a family called the E’s who are the coolest people ever and you'll hear a little more about them later but we will still get the 5 minute call on Christmas Eve to get last minute things figured out. I  guess we are going to Skype around 3ish if that works! So the truck is incredible and so much fun--maybe a little too fun!  hahaha We call it the silver pony haha!! Also, I’m sending out Christmas cards tomorrow!  I am writing them today so I wont be sending any pictures  because that would give a sneak peak!! hahahahaha 
So as for the area and companions-- Elder G goes home on Thursday and it’s crazy, he is getting married on the 6th! haha  But there is a reason behind it, her dad is getting deployed so they are doing it super quick!  He's talking and stressing a little about that which is reasonable! hahaha   Elder W and I are best friends so it's going to be a great Christmas! I’m really excited and the missionaries we live with are incredible as well! It’s a party! The weather is so much fun! The wind just goes right through you though... holy cow it's cold sometimes!! hahaha But I love it because it is  an adventure everyday! Like today is sunny and beautiful! 
So this week was crazy! We have some super funny things planned. Like we set up with the E’s (who are farmers and raise pigs) a pig wrestling match hahahahaha!! They are going to have Elder W and I in a ring with a pig. So of course,  we are buying American flag do-rags from Wal-Mart! hahahaha   But there has been some really cool miracles this past week! One is just the people God has placed in my life! He has put some amazing people in my life (like you guys) and I’m so blessed! We found an amazing new investigator named Y who is super golden and asked all the super cliché questions so we were stoked and because there are 3 of us,  we can just walk right in, no need for another man! hahahaha  Also the family that dropped us earlier, the V’s, we visited them and shared “A Savior is Born” and the spirit was so strong that they said we can come back and teach them! So we're stoked! The video is incredible, I would encourage everyone to share it! One really cool miracle that we saw this week was, we were knocking and it was about time to go in and we literally said the cliché,  “one more door” and no joke this super nice Hispanic lady let us in and loved the message!  It was super sad because she was leaving to Mexico for awhile but told us as soon as she gets back she wants us over! That was such a blessing from God, He’s so incredible! He blesses us way too much! Just like you said,  He even answers all our small prayers, it’s incredible that  He knows us so well! 
One last cool thing, we had a dinner with a lady from Germany and she cooked us an all out German dinner-- it was incredible! The members up here are just amazing! I love them so much!
I’m sorry this one is a little shorter, I need to type quicker!! hahaha  I love you guys so much and hope you have an amazing week and don’t die due to craziness of the week before Christmas! hahaha 
Love you guys and  thanks for being so incredible and such an example to me! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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