Tuesday, February 23, 2016

December 28, 2015

Dear Mom and family!!
This week was crazy but amazing all at the same time! I loved talking to you guys, I just feel like I might have talked a little too much!! hahahaha  I do that a lot!  I did get all the packages and everything was perfect! Thank you so much! You guys take way too good of care of me! 
Your week  sounds great and crazy!! hahahah I wish I could have talked to you guys for the whole day as well. That’s probably the hardest button to push... the end call button hahaha but only one more ;) I’m glad everything went well! 
So this week--I already told you about the Temple but I will  send a pic.  That was the best thing ever! Then for Christmas Eve we went to a family in our ward (the group leader's) home and had the coolest Hispanic family over as well and it was incredible! I seriously love their kids so much! They have 3! One 10 year old who's my best friend haha! One 8 and a 3 month old baby and they all just play with me and it's so hard to to restrain myself! haha But they are awesome and they were all dressed up so that made it a little more homey! haha Christmas day was crazy but great. First off the cologne smells sooo good I don’t want to use it maybe I’ll save it for home! hahahaha we'll see!
But so early in the morning,  we woke up for air alert (the work out program) then we had to drive to Coulee Dam, which is about an hour away. We had a great Christmas breakfast and watched, “The best two years”.  I don’t know if it is just because I’m a missionary, but that show is sooo funny and just perfect! hahaha  We drove home, went to talk to you guys then had dinner! It was an awesome day! Thanks to you guys, it was  the best thing ever!

Yesterday was a super sweet day! It just went really well and later we had a lesson with this lady named R who is super awesome! I love her so much and she is progressing pretty well.  She  has some of the best desires that I’ve seen, so we are really excited for her! I will have to keep you posted!

I love you guys so much and want you to know how much I love Christmas time! It really is the best time of the year! I’m so glad to hear that yours went well! I hope you guys know how much I love you!
Love Elder Oliver

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