Monday, June 22, 2015

May 4, 2015

Dear madre y familia 
Don’t worry I am definitely keeping up the Oliver eloquence haha!!  Sometimes I think I’m just here to make people laugh so that they will be less stressed. hahaha Like if that goof ball of a red head can do it so can I! haha
But to answer some quick questions! So I’m sooo stoked for Mother’s Day!!!! Our church gets out at 3:30 so we will probably Skype around 4ish.   We will be at a home so everything should be good! I'll get to do the 5 min call again and I can give you their number so you can call and set it up again! They are the coolest family ever haha!! Real quick he went to Chile on his mission so naturally he loves Elder C,  and I’m just  a loud talker so I think they like me haha!! I hope... 

As for here-- the companion  is awesome!!! Him and I get a long so well and he really is helping me become who I want to become and who the Lord needs me to be.   Transfer calls came and we are staying for another 6 weeks’!!! We are so stoked!! I love Chile now too haha!!  I know laugh-- but seriously now that I have a passport he said that after the mission I can come visit and he'll show me around and stuff and I really think I’m going to do it!! haha  He lives in like the most beautiful part of Chile too--It's called Vina Del Mar! It’s awesome!

This week was another miracle packed week-- like always!! haha  I love it!!  So first-- update with the S  fam!!! They are the most solid family I have ever seen! They are living the Word of Wisdom like champs haha!!  Just accepted it like nothing and they’re killin it!! They came to the ward party on Friday, then a baptism on Saturday and then church and  invited us over for dinner yesterday night and cooked a huuuuge dinner!!  It was so cool and they said they are for sure getting baptized on the 16th!!  The kids want to and everything!! It’s so awesome and we are so stoked that we are both here to watch it! The wife just has a little fear but it’s totally fine it’ll go away with time! I love the fam soo much! They’re the coolest people ever! We also were able to meet with the P  family and they are awesome!  She brought her kids in too and they want to be baptized!! It was such a cool experience because you know that they felt the Spirit super strong in the first lesson if they said they want their kids to hear this!! We are so excited for them too!! Some other crazy things and some reasons why I know I’m suppose to be here is because we have this investigator who just got appendicitis... so of course I know exactly what he is going through.  It was sad to see because I remember how painful it was, but I know the Lord has a plan for each of us and we are where we are for a reason! I know God loves each one of his children so much and  one of the best parts of the mission is being able to see them through God's eyes! This mission is really blessing and changing my life so much guys and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!!! 

So one little thing mom. The pollen here is nuts because of all the apple blossoms and everything and I’m going nuts haha!!  I think I have really bad allergies because my eyes just burn and itch all day haha!! So I don’t know what to do--should I get medicine or something?  haha  Any advice would be great! haha 
I love you guys so much and miss you all a ton! You really are the best family  ever and I can’t wait to talk to you in 6 days!!! 
Love you guys
Elder Oliver 

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