Saturday, July 18, 2015

May 11, 2015

Dear Mom & Familia-
Whaaattt?? Don’t write back?! Pshhh of course I’m going to! I never feel like  we have enough time on Skype but it’s just good to see everyone and laugh!!
As for the things I didn’t tell you about this week. So first off-- if you ever give a talk in Sacrament, please do not start talking about deep doctrine hahaha!  We had a guy yesterday start talking about everything about the Temple and we were just dying because the S's were there. So just know if you do talk about deep doctrine-- every missionary is getting really nervous and not liking you too much and then having to repent!! haha  Some good stuff that happened this week was we've been doing a ton of service and we have been like building a house!  We also have been laying sod and doing tons of other stuff sooo… now I know how to do it!!  It just gets kinda tough! haha The weather here is pretty nice though-- really sunny, about 80 so it is not too bad besides the whole sun thing and being the whole ginger thing and getting sunscreen in your eyes so it looks like I’m always crying hahaha!!  So we were in an investigators Apt. on Thursday and the lady was just telling us this super long story (Mexicans do love to talk) but as we were listening I look down and I see a mouse crawl in between my companions feet and then under the couch!! haha  It was nuts and I had to try my hardest not to say anything-- crazy though!! haha  As for the S’s  they are so awesome! Their date is the 22nd  because she drank coffee and we have to wait two solid weeks without anything. But they are still doing super good and she felt so bad for it. haha They asked if we could get J a tie so we got him this clip on and they had him wear it to church! Its sooo awesome-- they all just look like members!! haha Sometimes I feel like they are better than members haha! This week was really good though! A lot of good stuff is happening and it is really cool because Elder Cataldo and I get to like build it from the ground up.  So I have no idea if we will stay or leave or what’s going to happen. But I really do love Elder Cataldo he has helped me grow sooo much! We talk all the time and sometimes it gets so spiritual we both just start tearing up and then laugh at how weird we probably look haha! But it’s ok because I really do know that God put us together for a reason--and I love it! haha He’s the best and I have so much respect for him! 

Anyways I love you guys so much and again it was just so good to get to see you and talk and laugh with all of you I hope you really do know how much you mean to me and how you really are THE best family out there! 

Love Elder Oliver 

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