Monday, June 8, 2015

April 13, 2015

Dear Family!! 
CASSIE'S HOMMMMEEEEE!!! That’s so crazy!  That is so cool that Cassie is home! Man you all look so good though!! Seriously! Just killin it! Tell Chantz I love the flow!! haha 
So for some answers. The ward is struggling-- it should be like a group in all honesty.   Elder Cataldo and I are getting to work and we are going to make it thrive. With the help of the Lord of course! hahaha  Elder Cataldo is one of the best missionaries ever! He’s seriously like my best friend! I love him! haha  We have so much fun together and we are really starting to see miracles! We just work hard and laugh a ton haha!  Every time we have to go on exchanges we're bummed because we don’t get to be with each other hahah it’s a party! He’s really helping my Spanish too! He talks so fast sometimes but it just makes it more fun!! haha I love him! 

This week was kinda crazy to be honest.  So some funny things first-- so you always hear about people running from the missionaries and its always an exaggeration until this week hahaha!!  We were walking down the street and this guy literally sprinted across the street and kept going for the next 2 blocks hahahah we just started laughing.  I don’t know if that was the best thing to do but it was too funny  not to  laugh. Like how can someone be that scared of a super white red head and a Chilean who are just cheesily smiling all the time hahaha!!  It was so funny! Oh also something that was super funny was-- its been a little warmer over here this week and we were out one afternoon and it was a longer afternoon and we were fasting.  Nobody was really outside but then we are walking back to our car and a bird poops on Elder Cataldo hahaha!! He was so mad but we just started laughing for like 30 min because out of all things a bird comes and poops on his shoulder hahaha!! It was good! This week was just super fun! 

On a more spiritual note we found this family (the Silva’s) and they are so prepared! It’s so cool! They have a baptism date for the 2nd of May and they are all so stoked!! The kids are all reading in the Book of Mormon and just loving it! They’re awesome and so nice and just such a blessing and miracle from the Lord! We love it! 
 Being a missionary is the best thing ever! I love it so much! The amount of happiness I have is crazy hahaha!! I’m just always smiling.   I know this church is true and it’s a church of joy and happiness.  We need to find the joy and happiness in all things! 

I love you guys and miss you a ton! Give Cassie a really long hug for me! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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