Tuesday, June 9, 2015

April 27, 2015

Dear Mom y familia
So first to answer some questions-- the G’s are really sad.  They kinda just stopped everything and it’s so sad to see them going back into sadness. Just because of a few little things like coffee. Literally everything is on that haha but it’s ok we still go over there for dinner once a week, which is always pretty good! My Spanish is getting better! It’s really nice to have a companion from Chile hahaha because they speak with all the vocab  and it is a little Spanglish hahah so it’s been really good.  Obviously it’s not perfect, but it is improving a ton which is good!  As for this week it was AWESOME! Seriously one of the best weeks! So first off some random maybe funny stuff!! haha So there is this thing called “Apple Blossom” here and it’s crazy! It’s this huge festival and we can’t go so I have no idea what it really is haha!!  Also last week,  we were playing basketball and my shoes caught some grip and there I went all the way to the ground hahaha!! It was so bad and right in front of the Sisters haha so you know I’m still just as awkward!! haha Also there is this old guy here who is the best guy ever! He’s like another Grandpa to us haha!! Seriously he treats us like his kids I love him! But something funny is that we had to go to Chelan this week (an hour drive) and he took us, but it was the tiniest truck ever!! haha One tiny row for all three of us and it was probably one of my favorite memories so far!!  I love Brother E and I will definitely be back to talk with him one day haha he’s so cool! 
But on a more serious note-- the Silva family is doing so good!! He asked  for a shirt and tie and so Elder Cataldo and I gave him ours for Sunday.   They all dressed up a little for church and they looked so good! They’re so awesome! We love them so much! 
Also  this week we had been praying for another family and on Sunday we found them!! It was the coolest thing ever! So we were tracting and there was this little kid who looked way to happy to see us. So we went over and started talking to his mom and her husband came over and they are so prepared!! They invited us in and we taught the restoration and they said they wanted to be baptized and wanted us over on Thursday to teach their kids!! We are so excited! The P family!  They’re so cool! 
I know God listens and answers our prayers! He loves us so much and all we have to do is act in faith!!  Little or  big steps it doesn’t matter just something!  I love this gospel and this church so much!! I know its true con todo mi corazon! I love you guys and miss you a ton! 
Love Elder Oliver! 

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