Tuesday, May 12, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear FAM,
First to answer some questions! The weather here is perfect! Not hot not cold just perfect! Yes I just have this transfer with my new comp which kinda makes me sad but its ok. Being in a Spanish area is the best!! I thought I  might not like it  but I love it!!! haha!   
Sounds like you had an awesome week though and this next sounds even more fun! (winky face)!haha Oh yeah-- one more thing-- thanks for the package, it made my day! It was awesome and Chloe’s card made me laugh for like 30 minutes haha!! I loved it.  Grammy and Papa both sent me packages, which was so nice! So amazing and they are the best!  They were both from “Dear Elder” and both just packed with those huge pink cookies... sooo I have like 30 big pink cookies haha! So funny! 
That’s crazy!! It’s been already been 6 months!!  That’s nuts to think about! When does Cassie get home? 
This week was so awesome though! I love this area so much! The Spanish is awesome and already I can see Heavenly Father helping my Spanish! It’s the best! We have this awesome family named the Garcia’s who are on date for the 21st  and they are awesome! I love them so much! They cooked us this huuuuge meal! It was the best food I’ve ever eaten! Well besides the Fielding’s haha!! But that doesn’t count! They are awesome though and we are super excited for them! We have a ton of potentials for this place and the best part is-- that it is not like I just jumped into baptisms, I still get to work with them and help them out so it is awesome! The area is just on fire! One thing that happened this week was I went on exchanges with our district leader who is awesome!  I loved it some much!  It's soo cool to literally see how when we put our confidence in the Lord,  He helps us out soooo much! That’s random but it’s just been this whole week with my Spanish! The more I rely on Christ the easier Spanish is! I love this mission! 

I miss you guys a ton! I love you so much! You guys are honestly the best! I love you so much! Keep being awesome!
Love Elder Oliver 

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