Wednesday, May 13, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear Family!!
 So first to answer some of mom’s questions!  The food here is really good! Like solid Mexican food!! It’s not every night but when we do have it is the best! I’ll have a story to tell you later! The weather here is perfect-- no joke,  no snow just a little cooler with a breeze, than Arizona! I can wear a long sleeve shirt during the day and be perfectly fine! That’s so crazy about Cassie!! That’s nuts! I’ll be able to see her when we Skype!!!! And yes it’s a ward over here! It’s super cool! They kinda have small groups that they are hoping to make wards and then make a Spanish stake! It’s crazy over here! 

As for my week it was awesome!! Ahh man I love it. haha! There is nothing better! Well first-- last week was really good. We got to go to the temple-- which was the best! I love the temple! I do kinda miss when I could go like everyday, but it was still really good! Umm I just love everyday out here so much haha! I feel like I always say that but it’s the truth! My comp is awesome! He’s the best! Such a blessing in my life! We have pretty similar personalities, which makes things really nice! It’s sad though that he is leaving! One transfer goes by really fast... but it’s alright! He said I could go stay with him in Brazil anytime so I’m stoked for that haha!!  The Garcia’s (family that is getting baptized on the 21st) are the coolest family ever! I love them so much! Kind of a funny story about them-- so they can make some  awesome food!! The first time we went over I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch so I was starving and ate a ton haha!! but then we went over there again and it was rough!! So it was still really good food but I was pretty full after the first helping... but they asked if I wanted more and I was like nooo I’m good I’m super full. Then they probably asked me every 30 seconds after that until I said yes haha!! So I said a prayer took a few deep breathes and kept eating... prayers can help in every situation... hahaha always pray! haha  He has the best testimony I’ve ever heard! I love him so much! He was like, “ why don’t more people come to church.  If they just come they are  going to know it’s true!” haha I was just eating it up! haha I love him! This area is the best! My Spanish is getting better poco a poco haha—It’s cool to see though! I know that this church is the true church and that God knows our needs and wants to help us with them! He listens to our prayers no matter how dumb we think they are (needed help to finish food) I love this gospel so much! 

I love and miss you guys so much! You’re literally the best family ever! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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