Thursday, May 21, 2015

March 9, 2015

Dear Familia, 
Ok so first hahahaha that camera card has some really funny  stuff on it hahaha-- you just have to find stuff that will make you laugh on your mission.  It was always a  party living with Elder Nelson haha!! so fun! But yes Beatrice got backed into while we were in a lesson! It was kinda crazy because they ran but someone saw it all through their window-- got the license plate and called the cops so we were all taken care of! It was cool but sad to see Beatrice hurt haha just kidding!!  I did not like driving around in that car haha!!   I love the pics,  even though they make me a little jealous!! haha No joke, I miss it haha but this is better haha!! I don’t know who my new comp will be but I don’t think they’ll be as cool as him! hahaha We have a lot of fun together! 
You sound like you had an awesome week!  Also I cant believe its been a year since they got married and almost a school year since I’ve been out hahaha!! That’s nuts... but I love you guys so much and your emails are the best!

As for my week it was awesome! It just keeps getting better and better!  Just some funny things haha-- I guess all the missionaries in the mission know me as the guy with penguin ties!! haha I’m not complaining though--they’re the best ties! So something that has been really cool this week is the Spirit as we've been teaching the Garcia’s (the family who should be getting baptized on the 21st) They’re really the coolest family ever! I love them so much! We were teaching them the other day and I just remembered the car crash I had right before I left... It’s kinda cheesy but really cool at the same time to know that I am really here for some people. The Garcia’s are one of them! I love them!   They are so close to getting baptized and they have the best testimonies and they cook the BEST food ever hahaha seriously soooo good! It’s the best Mexican food I’ve ever had! 
Oh and then to top it off there is this less active guy here with a non-member cousin and the less active went to Highland!!! hahaha It’s crazy! What are the chances... I don’t know its super cool! So they came to church and we are starting to teach them now! Ahhh I’m so excited for them! haha It’s just crazy that I run into him  all the way up here in Wenatchee!!  I love this work hahaha!! It’s the best! I don’t know-- I’m so tired but so happy and have a ton of energy haha!! It is really weird but the best!!  Oh-- also I changed addresses and I think some people sent stuff to my old one.  Now—It’s 512 2nd  St. Apt 5 Wenatchee WA  98801 Please let everyone know.   The Relief Society sent some  Valentines  to my old address so now everyone jokes around about it haha!!  Anyways,  this week was amazing and I love every second of this work! haha I just know this church is true. I love it! I know the Book of Mormon is true! There is no doubt! I love it and it makes me so happy! Everyone needs to read it!! haha 

I love and miss you guys so much! You seriously are the best fam ever! 
Love Elder Oliver

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