Thursday, April 23, 2015

February 16, 2015

Dear MOM y FAM
So just some quick answers-- here is my address: 512 2nd Street Apt #5,  Wenatchee WA 98801 or however you spell it! haha  I have no idea how-- but it is SO pretty up here! Like it’s unreal! haha  It is the prettiest place I’ve ever been to! I’ll have to send some pics! Annnd I will  be here during the spring so I’m super stoked! The weather here is perfect too! I love it here so much! Don’t get me wrong, it was super hard to leave my last area but it made it a little easier how cool this place is! But yeah-- it’s just Spanish! I’m so excited! I can already feel my Spanish getting better! Oh and by the way my comp is BRAZILIAN! haha  He’s like the coolest guy ever! I love him but he goes home after this transfer-- which is a bummer! I would  be so down to serve with him for a while! haha He’s just a super cool guy! We live in a super tiny apartment-- like not even the size of our kitchen but still awesome! My comp speaks Portuguese natively but has learned Spanish and English on the mission! So its super cool talking and learning from him! The area here is on fire too! It’s intense! We have a few families that are pretty close so we are super excited about that! Ohh-- a few funny stories about this week.  The Sisters had a baptism this Friday and we went and like 10 seconds before it starts the 1st counselor comes up and asks if I can give the baptism talk... it’s totally in Spanish. I was scared to death!! haha but it went ok-- I think haha It was fun! Oh and before I left, the Fielding’s (with the huge house), made us one last "dinner".  It was so good and then they gave me this super nice sweater from their place for free!!  So cool! haha I will probably just send it home so I can keep it nice! Umm-- other than that, It was super sad to leave Elder Nelson and that apartment!   I miss them a ton! haha It was a lot of fun serving with them! But this area is awesome and I’m super excited the zone is all Spanish!  We have p days and stuff with the English zone so its just like a ton of people! haha It seems like a party.  I will tell you guys about it next week! I love this so much! I’m so sorry I don’t have too much to write haha I just am still figuring out this area.  You guys are the best family ever! I love you so much! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys! I love this church so much! 

Love Elder Oliver! 

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