Thursday, April 23, 2015

February 9, 2015

Dear Family! 
Sounds like you’ve all had an awesome week--with a little craziness! haha If it’s not crazy its just too boring. So this week was kinda crazy! A little sad towards the end but still super good! This last transfer went by so fast! Transfers came on Saturday... and I’m leaving. I’m going up north to Wanachee, which was hard at first because now I have a huge possibility to be in the other mission.  That  was a little hard to accept but with a lot of prayer, I’m really excited! I’ll just be Spanish (finally) and I guess the area is huge so I’m really stoked. It was super hard saying good-bye to the ward though! They have been so awesome I’m going to miss them! It feels like my second home ward. Everybody was telling me when I come back I can stay with them! haha  They’re the best and I might have to take them up on that in a year and a half!! hahaha They are  awesome though! As for the apartment we are all together! After we get planning and studies done just as a companionship we always eat lunch and talk at night-- its super fun! haha  It’s really weird but I think the Lord blessed me so that I could live with Elder Nelson for at least one transfer, so that was awesome! I’ll keep you posted for my new companion! So other than that-- on Tuesday I went on an exchange to Dayton. Literally it is the smallest town ever!! haha  It has one stoplight-- but it was super fun and we ran into some awesome people there! Elder Shupe and I get a long really well so that was super awesome! He’s a great missionary! We met this guy named Arnesto and he was kinda funny-- a little creepy. He really liked me and told me he was going to kidnap me and tie me up and put me in a closet for a while. Little sketchy but you just got to laugh. Also figured out that the whole Relief Society has googled me! hahaha! Random ladies in the ward have come up to me like "Wow!  I can’t believe you had long hair" hahaha!!  Funny,  but just a little creepy! haha  Oh,  also randomly I ran into one of the Elders that did the dance with Chantz  on his mission.  His mom went to our Spanish party on Friday!!haha  Elder Wadell-- but other than that this week was pretty good nothing too big but I just love being a missionary!! haha  It’s honestly the best thing ever--nothing beats it! We have a few Spanish families now that we are teaching so I’m super excited to see if they go anywhere.  Seriously this work is the best!! So as for the story you need-- I was just thinking about the whole time with Chris, mainly with his dui... if we would’ve given up and not loved him because of his mistake,  he would never be where he is now. The coolest thing is that really none of it is us.   As a missionary,  you really just feel Christ’s love for them!
 As for the weather it’s been warmer here too. It’s been weird because  I haven’t seen the sun in forever until this weekend! haha It was weird but I missed it. Crazy right? haha I love this but miss you guys a ton.  Keep being awesome! I love you guys so much! 
Love Elder Oliver

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