Tuesday, March 31, 2015

February 2, 2015

Mom & family,
So that is crazy! Happy Anniversary tomorrow!! You guys are such an example to me! I love you guys so much!  But of course-- you guys would have a super bowl party when I’m gone. Watch next year you are all going to watch ASU football (the good stuff-- cough cough haha) None of this NFL stuff hahahaha! Just kidding-- sounds like a fun and crazy week!   You guys are amazing! You’re all such examples to me! If I could give each one of you any advice it would be this-- tonight go kneel down in your room and say a prayer out loud. I know it’s weird but if you just do it this once, I promise you’ll feel something. Whether it’s comfort or peace or whatever it will be good-- I promise! Some of my most spiritual experiences come from that! DO IT I promise it’ll be good. Even if you haven’t prayed in super long or whatever-- just give it a shot. What could it hurt? For Spanish-- it’s kinda crazy! This week, speaking wise was a lot better, but I still have a ton to learn. As for Kathy-- I know I’ll have to teach her how to truly creep. Except for I kinda caught her in it. haha!! I know the ways!
This week was awesome!! Seriously Jaye being baptized was the coolest thing ever! I got the best seat in the house too! haha  It was so awesome! She just gave me the biggest hug and she was so happy! That just makes everything worth it. It makes the long days, the hard Spanish, the people cancelling every time, it makes everything worth it! Seeing the happiness and the glow in their eyes is the best thing in the world! Gary was super happy too! I got to talk to him just for a little while, and he was like I’ve been waiting for this day for a looong time. So it was so cool to see him so happy! As for Chris and Adri-- they are doing super good! Chris broke up with Darla so its kinda weird. We are in the middle of it and it’s been just a little awkward haha!  But all good times-- I just feel bad for Darla. She was super sad last time we saw her, but its ok-- they both have a super strong testimony so we are hoping this won’t affect them too much spiritually. Other than that, Spanish work is still going good.  We were low on miles this week so we had to walk… a lot!! haha!  I’ve been spoiled because just walking for a few days was tough-- but it’s all good!haha!  I love this work so much; there honestly is nothing better!   I feel like time is just flying wayyyy too fast! This is my sixth month on the 27th... that’s nuts! 
I love you guys so much!   You guys are seriously the best! I couldn’t do this without all of you! 
Best family ever! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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