Monday, March 2, 2015

January 19, 2015

Dear Family!! 
Ok-- so first off I have to get this off my chest... why are you going to Cafe Rio instead of Costa Vida..? I can’t believe it hahaha!! jk Sounds like a crazy week, Mom, and those are never too fun. I do know when I seemed to be getting stressed out or things seem over whelming I just take a second and realize that I’m thinking too much and I kneel down and ask my Heavenly Father what He wants me to do. I hope things calm down a little.  So questions,  Yes-- we always have a car.  Her name is Beatrice haha!!  Um—it’s been kinda cold. It’s like 30 and then it rains so it’s just chilly haha but I love it here so much!   Living with Elder Nelson is the best thing ever. Seriously such a blessing from Heavenly Father. 
But ok so as for this week!! Sooo amazing! ADRI GOT BAPTIZED BY CHRIS!!!! It was so cool! Honestly best thing I’ve seen yet. Way better than being in the water haha I know it's a little cheesy-- but afterwards,  they just stood in the font hugging each other tearing up and Chris just kinda said quietly,  that he loves her. It was the coolest thing ever, especially for Chris.  I mean-- he’s not the most talkative guy. So it was awesome! That was Saturday and I literally feel like part of that family. They’re all so awesome and I could just talk with them forever. Just having so many spiritual experiences over there really brings you close together. I love this work!! Ok then Jaye is still doing awesome! She went from a ton of fear to now-- none and she is  always talking to her daughter about it! Its super cool! She told us that once we leave she goes over and basically tells her what we talked about. So its super cool and I hope something will come from it! Oh another thing about the baptism,  so after Adri and Chris got changed we just kinda talked in the hallway for a little bit and Adri started crying because of how bad she wants her brother and sister to feel how she is feeling. It was so cool because this gospel and the Spirit really do change people’s lives, and bring so much happiness!  Then she said she wants to go on a mission!! I was going nuts haha!! She's awesome! Some other kinda crazy things that happened this week are we went over to one of our Spanish investigators house and they were packing everything up. They had to leave their home because the pipes underneath broke. Crazy. This lady just had a son die about 6 months ago and now this. Just so hard but she says what she does to get through it-- is read and pray! So she’s doing what’s right but she is really going through a hard time and I just want to carry her burdens for her. That’s probably one of the hardest things about being a missionary. Seeing these people struggle so much and wanting to be there to lift their burdens but we can’t. Not at least until they  allow the Savior to do it.  Other than that,  I ate fried bananas this week hahaha!!  They were actually really good. Oh another funny story-- so we are sitting in the Spanish branch and a High Counselor gets up and says that he loves coming because it reminds him of when he was on the reservation... soo it started out good but kinda went downhill!   Then I got to confirm and give Adri the Holy Ghost-- so it was awesome!! Great week hahaha!!  I love this life it’s the best life!  I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!
Love Elder Oliver! 

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