Monday, March 16, 2015

January 26, 2015

It sounds like a crazy week! Super fun though!  Mom-- just don’t pull a Cassie at camp and get tied to a tree hahahahaha!! jkjk I miss you guys so much and hope you have an amazing week! Keep sending pics and telling me about the little things! haha I love them! 

As for my week-- it was super good!! I really do love this work and there is nothing better!  The ward here is amazing! haha I love them so much! I feel its a second home haha which I hear most peoples first area is.  So,  of course I’m thinking I’m going to get transferred soon. Buuut we found a Spanish family this week!! They’re amazing and Heavenly Father is just literally putting people in our path sometimes it’s just crazy! We also have another super nice humble older Mexican lady who wants to be baptized so I’m super stoked about that! Little side note--something about older ladies and red hair!! hahaha It’s kinda creepy sometimes. So we are teaching an 84-year-old lady who is named Honey.  That’s the only name she wants us to call her hahaha!  We saw her earlier this week and she was like,  “Oh honey,  you look good”  and because I don’t know her real name I had to say, “Thanks Honey” back... hahahaha so awkward but you just have to go with it. Then before we left she gave me a big hug and its not too bad because she’s just an older lady so it’s super funny,  but its just kinda awkward because we aren’t suppose to give hugs, but we aren’t going to pull away so it just gets weird.haha!  Then Kathy (our recent convert) apparently looked me up on the internet and showed some older ladies in the ward my long hair hahaha I just laughed it off hahahaha!! I love Kathy! hahaha   On another note-- Jaye is getting baptized  tomorrow!!  It’s so awesome!! We’ve been over there a lot this week and she just keeps saying how happy the church makes her and it’s like the best thing to hear! That’s why I’m out here--to share the happiness I have with others. It’s the best! I’ll send some pics next week! Hopefully it’s as good as this one! 

I love and miss you guys so much! Hope you have a great week!  
Love Elder Oliver 

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