Sunday, November 22, 2015

October 12, 2015

Clay's favorite Seminary teacher with his ponytail he cut off!!

Dear Mom and family,
First off, you guys are awesome!!! I miss you so much! Glad Cassie is ok!  You guys are the best and everyday I am grateful for you guys! Cassie is just having the worst luck I’ve ever even heard of hahahahaha! I’m so sorry!  I’m glad to hear you guys made it to Utah ok! (And yes mom that drive is nuts) I hope this week is great and everybody stays safe! 

So as for this week! IT’S BAPTISM WEEK!!!! Brother M is awesome!! I love him so much! I’m so grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to see him completely change. The first few times we went over there he just kept to himself and  said it would be good for his kids but that he didn’t really want it.  Now, he is getting baptized!!! It’s incredible and God is just too good to me! I love him so much! Brother M is on day 14 now of no chew and just going strong! He has awesome goals and wants to get sealed in the temple! I’m going to have to come back often for these sealing’s! Other than that, the YSA is doing great! W (one of the new guys) came to church and loved it! He is on date for November! Also all the college kids are bringing their friends so we had like 10 non-members at church! hahaha It was nuts but super fun! My comp tells everyone about my long hair so my insta just gets passed around the whole ysa... goood gooood goood goood good hahahaha!! 

So transfers are coming up and I literally have no idea! So here are the thoughts-- I could leave and Elder B could stay but that would mean he is taking over the area in 3 weeks which would be nuts. Or I could stay but then it would be Elder B’s last transfer, which would mean I would stay for another transfer, putting me here for 7.5 months! hahaha Sooo I have no idea! hahaha We'll find out this week! 

This week has been incredible guys! I seriously love every day out here! Nothing is better than the mission I promise! Something I really learned this week is the power of prayer! I’ve learned it time and time again but this week I’ve really been praying out loud and talking with my Father in Heaven! He has changed me! I love the atonement and the power that comes with it! I am a totally new person and I know who I want to be! I love this gospel and progression! 

I miss you guys and love you! 
Elder Oliver

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