Wednesday, December 2, 2015

October 19, 2015

Dear Mom and family,
Holy cooooow this week has been crazy!! So yes, you all know the news before I could even tell you! I am leaving Moses Lake and going to Ephrata in just a Spanish area!!! I’m super excited and know that it’s where the Lord needs me to be! The only problem is leaving Moses Lake! I love this place and it's seriously my second home! I love everyone here! It’s the best place ever! I feel like I could’ve been here my entire mission, but I’m excited to go to a new area and find children of God.  It’s just going to be weird speaking Spanish... God will provide though! I’ll let you know my info as soon as possible as for now I know nothing about this new area! haha 

Sounds like you guys had a great week! I miss you guys so much but sounds like you're killing it!  This week has been amazing and sad all at the same time! Brother M got baptized!!! He’s incredible! I love him so much and our last lesson with him, he bought me a journal and wrote this awesome long note to me in the front that might have made me cry!! hahaha  He's just the best and I’m so glad I was able to be here to watch his entire life change! That family is the best!   I have a lot of pictures, I’ll send them, don’t worry! So some awesome things that happened this week was one, I saw C at church (Kenzi's brother) and he's doing awesome! Something else that was awesome was B (a recent convert) came to a lesson with W  and it was incredible! He bore an awesome testimony and really helped W! Also this week,  I went on exchanges with Elder D (who's my really good friend) so it was super fun! We visited this one guy who did not really like us. He was getting all worked up at us and freaking out in my face and honestly it was super sad because he just doesn’t really understand how this gospel can bless him and bring him so much happiness in this life! One day! 

Other than that,  this week I’ve really been studying consecration and the power behind it! I love this gospel so much and the ability we have to change! Something that I really learned through Brother M’s baptism is that with every step we take closer to God, He takes one closer to us and everything just makes sense! God loves us so much and we truly are His children! That’s why this all happened! That’s why the Gospel was restored.  That’s why Jesus came to the earth.  That’s why I am as happy and peaceful as I am--because God loves me and each one of His children! 

I love you guys so much and hope you all have a great week.  I am sure it will be packed with dance and school and everything in between! I love you guys so much and miss you a ton! I cannot believe how fast time is flying! You’re seriously the best family in the world and everyday I realize and thank my Heavenly Father for that! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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