Saturday, November 14, 2015

October 5, 2015

Dear Mom and family!!
Thank you so much for everything!!! Seriously you guys are the best family ever! I love you so much! 
General Conference was incredible! I loved it so much! Seriously I told Dad I wish it was a whole week! But yes-- you know me being a big momma’s boy, I loooved Elder Holland’s talk!  I love you so much Mom!  Just like 10 more weeks until skyping!!! hahaha  I cannot believe that Chloe is 11!! blows my mind! Chloe you’re so old!! Thank you so much for your testimony and everything! I love hearing and reading your letters!! 
So as for some answers-- the tri- pan is doing great! It’s a party! We will probably be in it for 3 more weeks till transfers! General Conference was awesome! We were able to watch Sunday afternoon with the M fam and had food so obviously it was the best thing ever!!! hahaha They are incredible! Brother M is doing great! He is on day 8 of no tobacco! He’s awesome! He has so much faith and is so willing to do anything! The son, C Jr is stoked to get the priesthood and pass the sacrament! He’s super awesome too! That family is just great! As for the ysa investigators, they are awesome! They weren't able to come to General Conference so their date will be pushed back, but we are still working with them! 

This week was incredible, the Lord has blessed us with so many blessings! Miracles are just happening over and over again! Yesterday we were tracting and two super solid ysa aged guys let us in and were super solid!! We’re super excited to see where that goes! I love being on a mission so much! I love every day out here! Seriously-- I want it to never end!! hahaha I know that’s probably not what you guys want to hear! But I just love my Savior so much and I can’t imagine going back to any degree. This gospel is incredible! Just to say we have a living prophet called by God is amazing! To watch him and the Lord's apostles speak to us, is something no one else has! This is God's church. This is the physical proof of His love for us! I know He cares so much about us and hears our cries every night as we pray to Him! I have felt His love time and time again-- I cannot deny it!! I love my Heavenly Father more than anything! I want my life to be a demonstration of that love! 

i love you guys so much and miss you a ton! I hope you have a great week!  Chloe I hope  you have an amazing birthday! 
Love Elder Oliver
ps Mom-- We also had a lot of meetings this week! They were super good! I have learned for myself what manner of man I ought to be!  

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