Tuesday, October 27, 2015

September 21, 2015

Dear Mom and family! 
So before I forget to answer some of the questions--yes it is weird being the oldest! haha  They all talk about how I’m almost home... which is false! haha  I think I’m just in there to learn from them. They’re pretty awesome! Elder L is way cool, I’ll have to send a pic soon! So it’s hard with Elder K gone but he got to come back for the baptism so it was awesome! I’ll gets to see him often though so it won’t be too bad. My comp is Elder C and he was in the tripan with Elder K. He’s a good guy! The person we live with can help with sewing stuff so she's incredible! They’re good people to live with!   It’s good to hear you made it to Utah ok-- a little slower then with me ;) but still ok hahaha! Sounds like a crazy week with  parties, ultra sounds and all sorts of stuff!! haha You guys are incredible especially that fire side, it sounds way cool! Listening to the Spirit is so important! It’s everything in this life! I love you guys and thanks for always updating me. I seriously love it, and look forward to it! 

So this week was the best thing ever! C Jr got baptized!!!! He is incredible!! Literally right after the baptism he was talking about a mission! haha He's great! Then L blessed the sacrament this Sunday, which was awesome as well! Too many good things are happening this week! hahaha God is just too good! So something cool that happened this week! I have been praying and really looking hard for some new investigators and all week there was nothing until Sunday night when God lead us to 2 new people who both said they want to get baptized on the 17th!!! It was incredible and it wasn’t until the end of the week! It’s like that verse, not until after the trial of your faith. God is amazing and all we have to do is have faith, and God will provide every time. One of the hardest things for me is having faith in His timing but this week has really taught me that He has timing for everything! Ohh  another blessing  this week, was that Brother M moved backed and wants to take us out!! He tackled me at church hahaha-- it was awesome! 

So about Brother M... he is incredible, but this week was harder. He felt the Spirit super strong but then rejected it. He said that he thought it was just a coincidence, which is always tough! But God has a better timing then me and I just need to be humble and except it! 

I love this gospel so much! It’s the best thing in the entire world! Mission is life hahaha I love it! No matter what happens I know Christ is with me in this work! 

Love you guys! 
Elder Oliver 

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