Monday, October 19, 2015

September 14, 2015

Dear Mom and fam! 
Sounds just like an amazing week! Mondays off are always a good start! hahaha That’s so cool to hear about everyone and how they are doing! Does Chantz still have his bike? Man I know what you mean mom—it’s crazy, right when things start to settle down all heck breaks lose hahaha!!  We  have an amazing family that I thank my Heavenly Father for each day! Seriously I wouldn’t be out here if it wasn’t for every one of you and I am eternally grateful for that. I would never be who I am. I would never have come this close to my Savior and have a personal relationship with Him to the point where I am a completely different person if it wasn’t for my family.  So I love you guys with all my heart.

As for this week, boy has it been crazy!! hahahah So we moved out of the T's and now are in a home with four missionaries.  My companion and I and 2 others. It’s just a little different because they have all only been out 6 weeks... so I’m kinda like the dad hahahaha!  It’s really weird but it’s going to be fun! They are all amazing missionaries and I’m going to learn so much from them! Elder C is my comp and he was in a tri pan with me and Elder K for awhile.  He is from Las Vegas.   He's pretty awesome though and is really trying hard to do his best so it makes it a lot easier! The other zone leader is split with another new missionary living at the T's. So we just talk on the phone every night and it’s like he's my second comp! hahah   I know it sounds cheesy or whatever but this whole experience has really reminded me of Nephi and when he has to build a ship. You know the Lord asked him to do this huge seemingly hard thing and Nephi just didn’t even question. He just asked—“where can I make tools”?? That’s incredible! I just think of that not because this is anything like building a ship but his confidence that the Lord will provide is crazy! I love it so much and strive to have that same confidence! 

As for the M family  C  Jr is getting baptized!!!!! We are so excited, he is just awesome!! haha He would jump off a cliff if we told him to! haha The dad is getting there, he has really felt the spirit and even committed to live the Word of Wisdom which is so cool! They really are just the best family! The ward is just super excited! It’s amazing how often the Lord blesses us and we don’t even realize it! I love this gospel!  I know  I say that everyday and it doesn’t ever get old! It truly is the best thing ever and being a missionary... nothing even compares! 

I love you guys so much! Hope everything this week goes well especially with the drives and moves! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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