Monday, February 2, 2015

December 21, 2014

So first some business-- the time that’s best for us to skype is one thirty. I hope that works.  I have been talking to some people and unless we are all paying for our skype accounts I don’t think we can 3 way call.   So it’s super sad but we might have to do Cassie and I at different times.   The members that we are going over to have a Mac so we could face time which would be a lot better connection and everything for the  Mac in your room Mom! Also I will get a 5-minute call on Christmas Eve to set it up before so make sure you and Dad have your phones on loud. Haha! I miss you guys so much and can’t wait to see and talk to you!  Also little side note.. So my hair grows extremely fast so if I don’t cut it super short it’d be like every other week. So I’m getting my hair cut today and it’ll probably be really short haha!!  Just a warning! haha!  
So for this week it was really amazing! haha  I know I say that every week but it really was great! So I’ll get the bad news over first haha!! Chris had to have an interview with someone from the Mission Presidency  because he got a DUI and now he has to push his date back again.  So now it’s the 10th but the worst part is that it is  after transfers so one of us could easily be going and probably not see it.  So  that’s hard to think about but it’s good because I think now Chris really understands the seriousness of baptism so he's super solid now but it’s still hard.  His daughter Adri is going to get baptized as well and it’s awesome because she has really brightened up!   I’ve never seen both of them this happy in a long time. It’s really awesome!   Jaye is doing just amazing! We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she was like "yeah that makes total sense" haha!   It was awesome! She was like-- give me a week to end coffee and then I’ll do it! So we were just stoked haha!! She even came to the ward party--which was amazing!! haha It was the best party I’ve been to. All the less-actives we have worked with were there so that was awesome! And they had live music haha!! I don’t know it was just way cool! Just a small town but it ended up being amazing! I don’t know I was going nuts about how cool it was and I’m sure Elder Hooper was getting annoyed haha!! But… it was good! So kind of a funny random story-- we were walking and saw this small Mexican (in the middle of the day) just walking and singing so loud! He was just so drunk haha!! Then we start talking to him and he starts going off reciting this poem that was so intense and he was so into it! haha!  He was just drunk acting and then we started  talking about why he drinks—and he said he knew it was bad. Then he starts bursting into tears... I didn’t understand too much and then all of a sudden-- just this 50 year old man crying. It was actually really sad just to see him so low. But we had a little lesson with him and hopefully another this week so we're stoked!  Other than that this week was amazing and I’m just so stoked for Christmas! 

I love and miss you guys so much and hope you have the best Christmas week ever! See you in 3 days!!!
Love Elder Oliver 

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