Monday, January 26, 2015

December 15, 2014

Sounds like you guys had a crazy week-- but an awesome one! Just sounds like Christmas time haha!  I’m glad you liked the Christmas card haha!! Sorry I kinda gave you like an assignment-- I hope it’s ok and not too busy!   But ok so about my week! Ahhhh it was so amazing haha!! Obviously,  Kathy’s baptism was the best part! It’s like the hardest thing to describe.  So I was able to actually baptize her and I know its kinda cheesy but when she came up out of the water she had the best smile on her face.  It was so awesome!! Just knowing she was perfectly clean was crazy. She honestly was glowing-- really it was so cool to know that she's taken one giant leap towards Christ and I could be a part of it from the very beginning. Then Elder Hooper gave her the Holy Ghost on Sunday which again was  just awesome! Best weekend ever!  So something funny though--so Saturday night we went out to dinner with Kathy,  the Fieldings  and the Mercyns and her other friend. They are all over 60 and then,  there we are two-- 18 and 20 year olds talking and laughing with them like they are our best friends haha!! It was kinda funny when Elder Hooper and I got in the car and thought about it.  Chris is still going super strong. Cut everything off this week and hasn’t looked back! haha It’s awesome! He’s so much happier and it’s really funny because I guess he went to his both of his daughters after the blessing and was like you need to get yourself one of those.haha!! He’s a great guy and has really changed a lot! He loves church and its funny-- he'll get the guys who leave after Sacrament to stay haha!! He’s awesome! Also we've been teaching his daughters now-- Adri and Alyssa. Adri is killin it! She reads a ton out of the Book of Mormon and has a date of Jan 17th to get baptized so we're super stoked for her! Ok-- miracle story.  So we were sitting in with a lesson with Jaye and said we want her to pick a day to get baptized with the Lord. So we said a prayer in the middle of the lesson and she asked what day she should be baptized.   We just sat there and waited what felt like 10 min because I was just praying so hard she'd receive an answer and then she said,  “Thanks for the answer”  then closed and was like the 27th of January... crazy!!! But so awesome! It was like the coolest thing ever. Honestly it really just strengthens my testimony that  God loves his children so much and when they have faith He will answer them. There is so much power in prayer it’s crazy and I think sometimes we take it for granite. haha!! I know I do for sure. This week was just awesome  even though the weather was so bi-polar!! haha I think we had every type this week. We had warm sunny, super windy (like 80mph wind), foggy and cold, and rainy haha! It was a crazy but awesome week! haha I love it out here! Oh also,  we just got news that on July 1st  our mission is splitting in half. CRAZY it came out of nowhere. But it’s exciting! I love and miss you guys so much! Hopefully you guys have the best week ever!! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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