Friday, January 16, 2015

December 8, 2014

Dear Mom and family,
That’s so weird about the letters. I remember being home when we wouldn’t get emails so I am so sorry that’s never fun! I’m glad it finally got there though!!  Sounds like you guys had an amazing week!! Disneyland is always the best! And yes we definitely are vampires! ohhh I loved the pics haha!!  Although it wasn’t Disneyland-- this week was amazing!! Probably one of my favorites so far! So the beginning was pretty good, Chris's daughter wants to get baptized by Chris so that was awesome to hear and I really think Chris loved it! haha So we visited that guy named Bryce again who’s really intimidating but has such a big heart haha!! It’s so awesome to see!  We get there on Thursday with a sixteen year old kid from the ward who’s super shy and was super scared at the beginning but it actually got really good!  We talked and shared a little of the doctrine of Christ but at the end, out of no where,  he said,  “I want to be baptized.”  So no joke all of a sudden, January 27th came to my mind haha! I think it’s like a Tuesday-- it was weird.   I started getting all nervous because I wasn’t saying it, but then it just came out and I could  relax again!  We set up some stuff so he can work towards that day and he said he already quit smoking and is going to quit alcohol this week so we were stoked! But really the best part was, he started telling the guy that was with us-- that every time he was feeling his lowest we showed up.  He  starts crying and says how that’s how he knows God loves him. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong and the best part is really none of it was us! We were just guided to his house multiple times after  random assorted events!! haha  Honestly,  it’s the coolest thing ever to watch. Ok so not to interrupt,  but I just thought of a super funny thing that happened! haha Really painful but so funny.  So I was making Ramen... and we have a bunch of spices so I was just trying to make the Ramen the best it can be!  Elder Hooper had some left over jalapenos so I thought why not? Wrong. haha!! I put it in the microwave and was kinda watching it  to make sure it doesn’t boil over and my eyes start to get warm and I was just thinking wow that’s kinda weird its literally burning my eyebrows off soooo I rubbed my eye. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve done my whole mission haha!!  Some jalapeno juice was still on my hand so instant fire to my eyes hahaha! Just the worst pain ever hahahaha! I was dying, and Elder Hooper was on the ground laughing and literally I was laughing so hard. It was the funniest thing ever. I’ll send some pics of my eyes-- they were awful! haha  Ok-- so back to the update, Kathy passed her interview so it’s all set for this Saturday!! My first one!!  Ahhh it’s so awesome! Also,  Chris is stopping all tobacco today and asked for a blessing. Honestly it was the coolest thing ever! He asked me to give the blessing and after we were done,  the spirit was sooo strong. He just sat there in silence for a long time and then was like "wow, that’s so cool. I feel like a weight was just lifted from my shoulders." So me being me-- I started tearing up haha! It was so cool to see the Lord instantly bless him because of his faith. Jaye came to church again and the testimony meeting was so good! I think she really liked it. I heard her talking to Gary afterwards and just said she loved it! So she is still doing great! But honestly it’s the best thing ever! The work here in Walla Walla is awesome! It just keeps picking up!! I love it!!
Guys I love it out here,  especially in this area!   I think I’d be good staying here my whole mission haha!! But now that I’m saying this,  I’ll probably leave after this transfer haha!  And-- yes, I think it might be balding haha!! I guess you’ll see in 17 days!   The food here is so good except Thai food haha!  We had it and I put on a good face but deep down I was not liking it!!haha 

I love and miss you guys so much! Hopefully I can get the Christmas stuff out today!!! 
Elder Oliver 

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