Saturday, February 14, 2015

December 29,2014

Dear Mom y familia
Ahhh it was so good seeing you guys! You all looked so good!! That was awesome! 
As for this week, well some really bad news. Transfer calls came Saturday night and Elder Hooper my mission dad is leaving :( He’s going to be a zone leader over in Pasco which I really can’t complain because he’s an awesome missionary and is going to kill it. But it’s just crazy thinking of how hard we have worked here and I just hope my next comp is a hard worker haha!!  When we work hard that’s when its the best! So he leaves on Wednesday and I am dreading it haha!! He’s been amazing buuuuut-- AMAZING news!! Elder Nelson is moving in to my apartment to be the zone leader over here!!! Ahhh I’m so excited! haha I knew I probably wasn’t going to get to serve with him but this is the next best thing so I’m stoked!! haha So I don’t know how to feel about these transfers-- I have mixed emotions.  Other than that, everyone is super sad that Elder Hooper is leaving but still excited for their baptism date! We’re stoked!  I think he'll be able to come back for at least one so it'll be good! As for what we did on Christmas-- we baked a bunch of cinnamon rolls and went caroling hahah!! Just me and Elder Hooper. It was so fun and I didn’t even care how awkward it was haha!! I think everyone really liked the cinnamon rolls! So that was super fun! Also on Christmas Eve we went caroling at an old persons home, which was super cool! It was awesome to see them come out and just listen.  I don’t know-- we do a bunch of random stuff but it’s all awesome and I love it! Honestly I’ve never been happier in my life! It’s too much fun out here! Seriously though talking to you guys was the best! Everyone just looks so good! And yes my hair is really short. But it’s nice for a mission because otherwise I would have to cut it like every week haha!! I hope you guys have the best New Year/ week ever! Set some awesome goals! Miss you guys and enjoy relaxing! 
Love Elder Oliver 

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